Love & Romance – Then & Now

With true love is defined as has been done in this first chapter, it is this kind of love really possible to achieve in our society today? In other words, true love or utopia 
Is it really possible?  

l honestly think it is possible to find true love, although their prevalence is not common and rare. However, the good news is that true love is still real and true achievable despite the general situation without love in the world today, though with much careful examination and vision. This is because the world is not the way used to be about 40 or 50 years ago.

During those days – the days of our parents or grandparents – life was much simpler and fun to live now. Simple things like a  sweet-smelling rose had a great value in the the eyes of girls and women at that time. A simple innocent kiss on the cheek young children was the perfect emotion for adults spectators.
Those were the ultimate expression of Pure love, true in those days. It is also a fact that men in general  were certainly care, sensitivity and  during those days and romantic women appreciate these qualities as well.

During those days, women and maidens were treated with the utmost respect and the dignity of men. A man would never think anything of it to bend low and kiss a lady in the back of his right hand while looking in the eye and greet their”Bonjour  Mademoiselle.” But who does that these days? Do you personally know anyone who makes these days or maybe perhaps romance movies, do not you think?

Also, women were treated with the courtesy of “first ladies”- opened the door for them, the chairs were made for them to sit, while their male companions said were as comfortable as could ever be. They were treated like queens. Y when proposing marriage, the man simply knelt at his feet and  say, “Will you marry me, Princess?” And the queen pretty, I just looked  a pink blush on the cheeks smooth, radiant with love in their eyes and say”yes.”

In fact, those were the days! But is that true expression of love? A case study undoubtedly do much to reveal the correct answer in this regard. However, my thought is that she failed to appreciate the simple things in life because the men failed to provide. Therefore, the lack of a true Today love is attributable to the two sexes.

However, point the finger in different directions, would do no good to anyone. It general consensus of all the things that have changed. Times have changed. People have changed. Yes, people have failed to show more love. Have  individuals were no longer love and affection that they once were. A selfish, greedy,   without love and the spirit has taken over humanity in general. The simple things in life that sparked lively relationships are now treated as”shit”by almost everyone  – At least 99. 9% in my personal estimate – including the society in general.

But that does not mean you can not still make an ideal relationship where no true love, commitment, trust and understanding. Of course you can. You only need to be patient and observant and selective in their choice of who friendship in your love relationship. Undoubtedly, true love has remained more elusive in part because of the value system of people in general has changed so drastically from the days of our parents when the simple things in life mattered more. Yes, it is not anymore. Times have changed.

People have changed from love, people with tact and sensitivity used to be. A selfish and greedy spirit has gripped the world in which while used to be the love and affection. Many parents are rapidly losing their natural ties and love for their children and it is a constant struggle and disputes among many brothers and sisters more often are forced to live in a broken home and grow without experiencing some  love.

Clearly, then, that the influence of the internal front, the parenting and family history has a direct relationship and the correlation with the willingness of people to true love today. The company also shares some blame, and that actively promote so promiscuous life in the media, fashion and style as “freedom,” “sexual  liberation”, the”fashion” etc. To have a deeper understanding of love relationships, we will explore the different forms of relationships people get into in Chapter Eight, the relationship  scenarios.

Food for Thought

Are you in a loving relationship now?
Is there true love eternal, true, in your relationship? Well, if the relationship you are at this moment is one where it is not true, eternal love, true or not, your relationship fall into one of the four stages of relationship. Determine the relationship scenario, the four stages of relationship that falls into their own relationship.  Are you sad? Are you happy? Do you know that the concept of sadness and joy are entirely on the individual? Well, learn more about the relativity of sadness and joy with this incredible success  of an article.