What is Love

Every experience of your loved one creates a memory. Love becomes a bundle of feelings, created by the collection of memories of your loved one. Marriages fail because people do not know what your love package how to protect it. Marriages to be happy when couples understand what love is and how to add to your package.

Is love physical attraction?

Love at first sight is nothing more than attractive. Attraction can make your knees weak. It can make you talk. They can hit in the head like a baseball bat. That can be magical. But do not really need to make a previous marriage.

How about falling in love. Is that love?

Common definitions, such as “puppy love” or “having a crush” does not help us, because they recognize the power of infatuation that make you crazy. A better definition is: temporary insanity that makes a peson deaf, blind, and dumb. It is a form of madness, but it feels wonderful and is a incredible feeling. No defects seen. It feels like love, but it is not. Infatuation turbo-charge your experiences with your lover for a ordinary moment becomes an extraordinary memory.

Unfortunately, the infatuation is always going, and all of a sudden your loved one is just a normal human being. To have a happy marriage, you need to know the truth about falling in love.

Is there not a romantic love?

Ah, Romance. Moonlight and roses. Dancing in the dark. The thrill of a kiss. “Our Song.” Holding hands at midnight. An old fashioned love song. Romance is not love, but that creates magical memories to share experience become part of his collection of memories that is true love. The boys to dance with you, bring flowers, call you just because they are thinking of you, and make the most romantic things tonnes, while you’re dating. After the honeymoon, things tend to disappear. That’s normal. That is the Most marriages are formed. Few marriages have a lot of romance left after the honeymoon. For the last marriage, agree to carry some of the romances and throughout their marriage. Read the article: “What is love?” What is love

Once you know what love is, you know how to maintain their growth, rather than let it escape. That’s how to make a previous marriage. Love is a collection of memories Every experience you have of your loved one creates a memory. Hopefully most of them are positive memories. Each memory is attached to the sensation he felt when he had that experience. That what love is. I use “collect” the term when I am speaking of memories, since each memory is a discrete element that can remind one at a time. Each memory comes with a feeling, some with good intentions, others not so good. The sum total of all the good and bad feelings connected to your partner becomes their “package” of love. I call all the feelings of a ‘package’, because the feelings are mixed all together and become a great package of feelings, despite the recollections can be called one at a time. Feelings are not as discreet as the memories. In other words, they become all mixed up. A great package – that’s what is love.

The collection of memories of love produces its package I apologize for unromantic words collection, and package. I would like were better words to use to tell you what love is. It is important to understand that the love you feel for your partner is a giant globalization of feelings, some good and some not so good. All feelings are created by the experience of, approximately, and with your partner. If Harold can imagine how wonderful it would be to hold tight and kiss Agnes she is creating an experience of Agnes. It will create a memory, and a feeling of positive love. Adding to the package. If Agnes Harold talks with his best friend and tells him how wonderful it That is, she is having an experience of Harold. She is creating a memory produces a positive feeling. Added to your package When Harold and Agnes kiss in a romantic place, creating memories of a positive experience with others. Memory creates a positive feeling. Both are adding to their packages. Their marriage will last if they protect your packages Harold and Agnes marry because each one has a lot of love feelings. Knowing that every experience together in the future occurrence a memory – and add a good feeling or bad to your package – which can understand the secret to a previous marriage. Harold and Agnes stay married if their packages grow over time. They We need to find ways to add positive experiences shared, so your package grow.

Harold and Agnes also need to know how to preserve your package eroding. They need to know what to do when they have a fight. They need to learn to deal with the bad feelings fight occurs. They need to know how to have less fighting than other couples have. They need to know how to begin and end each “topic” of discussion in a positive and friendly note. You can even turn what could be a struggle for another couple shared a positive experience that will add to the love in their packages.

What is the proof that love is a collection of memories?

Just visit a nursing home to see examples of people who have lost access to their memories. Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other things cause memory loss show us that when a woman can not recognize a man as her husband, she has no love for him. Your love has disappeared package because he has no memory of her husband, good or bad. Mothers or Parents may not recognize and remember their children. Only you can feel the love if you can recover memories of, approximately, and with the person, animal or place. In short, this is what love is Love is a bundle of feelings associated with a collection of memories experiences of, approximately, and with your partner. Attraction, infatuation and romance, play a role in the super-charge experiences and the memories and feelings are much stronger, but not love.

Physical Attraction

Physical attraction can be so powerful it takes your breath away. You can make your knees weak. It may not be able to talk or even think. Learn what is magical about it, and how it can hurt. “Love at first sight” is not really love. It is the attraction. It is important to know the difference between attraction and love. People who do not understand the difference may be running to run away with a stranger – because of the attraction – is not love.

The attraction is a physical response – sorry!

Look at someone, or hear his voice, and physical attraction immediately. In a case that may be mild. In another sense, can be strong, and yet in another that can be severe. Somehow (and nobody knows how), we are each a “printed” at an early age – possibly as few as three or as old as eight or nine years – with the imprint determine the person you are attractive in the future.

We seem to have a mental picture of the person who is “right” for you. Not only one image, but there is a trace of the “right” of voice, sound, the tone and rhythm. You are printed, not only with the image and sound, but the smell, taste and feel. You’re always looking for people who agree with the impression of attraction. Before and even after you are married: Which – unknowingly – automatically scan each individual (right sex for you), and physical attraction you feel when you see, hear, or are (or smell, touch or taste) to someone who agrees with some of the features on which imprinted. The closer that person comes to coincide with his seal, the most intense feeling. A complete game is not necessary for attraction. Only one or two key Variables can be sufficient to give the feeling of being attracted.

Good and bad news about attraction

The attraction is probably a genetic predisposition “spare” the time before humans learned to speak. Its purpose was to initiate the process of getting pre-verbal two cave dwellers to become a mate and raise their children. Because the process of attraction of all is buried deep in the brain, is quite automatically, so you do not have much control over it. This happens whether we like it or no. That means you can have a happy marriage, in love with your partner, and Boing!, Bells go off when you know someone who fits your printing. The good news is that the attraction is a wonderful experience, delicious and exciting. The bad news is that some people confuse attraction with love and think they should act on the feeling of attraction.

You can not make a previous marriage, if either party merges with the love and attraction wants to start a new relationship with the last person to “ring their bells.” If you are married, and you feel attracted to someone else, enjoy the sensation, but not act on sentiment. Some people feel guilty. They think they can not love your partner if you are attracted to someone else. Do not feel guilty. And, do not make your partner feel guilty if your partner feels a powerful attraction to another person. Human. It’s automatic. You can not help it. However, you can understand and choose not to do anything about it. Attraction is not love, physical attraction is simply Physical attraction can be so powerful that it feels like love – but it is not. Now We know that love is the set of feelings that come from sharing positive memories experiences. Can not be in love with this stranger who just met, that”the bell rings.”You no positive shared experiences. Has no memories associated with feelings. You do not have love package on which to base a marriage. Do not make the disastrous mistake of running away to be with this strange base only primitive physical attraction printing makes you feel. Do No! Teens should be taught about attraction to understand the physics the attraction felt the first time someone meets their mark. Some of the variables on physical attraction

Here are some of the variables of physical attraction are important for different people. Some of these may be critical variables for you, but each is essential to someone.

  • Hair: long, type (curly, straight, long, short), color, texture
  • Facial features: shape, width, length
  • Skin color: the texture and feel
  • Body shape: sex characteristics, legs, neck, lip tension, taste
  • Sensation of the skin and flesh hardness, softness
  • Tone of voice: the timbre, rhythm, softness, hardness, high or low
  • Sense of humor: laugh, laugh
  • Smell: skin, hair, breath
  • Gestures: head, hands and arm movements
  • Posture: transportation, roundness, straightness
  • The voltage level of the body, relaxed, tense
  • Height: high, low, medium
  • Weight: Light, Heavy
  • Energy Level: calm, strong, easy to carry, hard drive
  • Start walking, running
  • Level of confidence, cocky, shy, confident

    What attraction will form variables?

Just for fun. Take a few minutes to figure out for what is printed. They bring to mind two people other than those you felt physical attraction. Pass the list above and see what elements are similar between the two. Then take third person and review the list again. If you have items that match in three people, it is likely that these items are part of their mark. If there is a resounding “yes” to a particular topic, then that element is important to you. This is a fun and useful exercise. After you are married, you must be aware of the power of attraction. When you are a strong attraction, enjoy the feeling, but not nothing more. It’s normal. It’s natural. You have no control over it. You will, however, have complete control about what you do after you feel attracted. Love vs. Infatuation

It is easy for others to see if you are in love right. However, It can be difficult for you to tell the difference. You can not tell the difference because when you’re “madly in love.” Who has lost your senses. You lost your mind. Falling in love is a delicious way madness. It’s like a short-term mental illness, which loses its ability to reason. Here’s how to tell the difference Love is real, and if proper care of it, it will last a lifetime. And love can grow. The infatuation is unrealistic. The folly of falling in love creates unreal many. You sense his love object as much more wonderful than real. You perceive their sense of being in love as if to last forever. Once the peak of infatuation that begins to fade until it disappears. There will always away.

After falling in love is gone, the reality comes back to you. You see your love object has flaws, faults, and the normal number of human whims. You can not see that when you’re in love. After infatuation disappears and becomes reality, the bonds they form with your partner during his madness will stay with you forever. Are those bonds, memories and feelings that make her love pack could lead to marriage and a committed relationship. Therefore, love is real and lasts. Falling in love is magical, mystical, very unreal, and always will.

Is it love or infatuation?

It’s hard to tell the difference between love and infatuation, because they are so intertwined. I will do my best to put in order for you. Love is a collection of memories shared experiences about, and your partner. The memories come with associated feelings, that come together in a giant package of feelings of love. Falling in love is a hormonal condition turbocharging shared experiences.

Example: Agnes and Harold are enjoying mutual infatuation. They go to dinner. You and I would think that everything related to the experience was normal, however, to everything about the experience creates a magical memory.

The food was the best I have tasted. The music was very good. In fact, became a song “Our Song”. They dancing. Each holding was heavenly others in their arms. I will never forget what he whispered to each other ears. Well, you get the idea. A positive result of sharing experience creates memories associated feelings. This is the case Agnes and Harold shared experiences before he came down with excitement, and be faithful in all his married life.

The hormonal status, the unreal of infatuation turbo-charging those who share positive memories, allowing them to create huge, fantastic, powerful memories, strong feelings beautifully together. Because of the obsession, the love that package will take your marriage will be much larger than it would have been if it had come down with the crush.

“Is it love or is it fad?” not exactly the right question

This question suggests that they oppose. They are not. They are very different. One goes, another stays. One of them is real, the other is unreal. But under the influence of infatuation, the normal every day experiences have an intensity that creates very strong positive feelings will last, even when the crush is gone. It is not “love vs. infatuation,” working together. Infatuation supercharged everyday experiences to create memories and strong feelings become true love. The dangers of infatuation If you do not know the difference between love and infatuation, it can the conclusion that his feelings of love was when the infatuation disappeared. Brides wedding canceled by mistake, thinking of his love was gone, when the crush to the left.

If you think that infatuation is love, you can do crazy things under his influence. You just might be tempted to run away to a deserted island with her new infatuee. For many people, a strong attraction can lead almost immediately falling in love, then all evidence of thought and reality goes out the window. All things that were important in his life before, are no longer important. School, work, family, hobbies, plans and ambitions of all look so importance now that he’s in love with her strange new attraction. Remember! Falling in love is crazy. You can not think clearly, so do anything you regret when you leave and come back in love right. Wait until your feet are back on the floor, you have to return to their senses and can make informed choices and rational. You have time. If it is not real love under all the hormones, your package will be there when his madness leaves. Definition of crush

We need a new definition of infatuation, because the common definitions not help us. I’ll show you what I mean. A dictionary definition of infatuation: “Be inspired by an intense, but short-lived passion or admiration. “That’s just a small part of history. Wikipedia definition of being in love is much more complete, but no define infatuation, which instead refers to it as”Limerance”a word coined for the first time by Dorothy Tennov professor of psychology. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia”Limerance” “Limerence is a state of mind characterized by intrusive thinking, longing, uncertainty, hope, misperception, fantasies, and passion. Limerence has been described as “having a crush,”crush”, “passionate Love,” “Puppy Love, “romantic love”, or “being in love. ” Importantly limerence is neither love nor sexual attraction. Love, sexual attraction, and all limerence can exist without each other or any or all of them can coexist together.” In addition, lists of Tennov certain basic components that expand the definition kindly. Limerence has certain basic components l intrusive limerent think of the object l acute desire for reciprocity l fleeting and transient relief from unrequited limerence through vivid imagination of the action by the object which means limerent reciprocity l fear of rejection and unsettling shyness in order to limerent presence l intensification through adversity l acute sensitivity to any act, thought or condition that can be interpreted favorably, and an uncanny ability to create or invent “Reasonable” explanations for why neutral actions are a sign of hidden passion in order limerent l a pain in the chest when uncertainty is strong l buoyancy (a feeling of walking on air) when the reciprocity seems evident the overall intensity of feeling that leaves other concerns in the background the remarkable ability to emphasize what is truly admirable in the limerent object and avoid stopping on the negative or do it in Another positive attribute. I think that this list is a list of features wonderfully accurate of infatuation. They are present when a person experiences in love. My definition of infatuation: Temporary Insanity I define infatuation as”temporary insanity that makes a person deaf, blind, and dumb. ”

Infatuation is a form of madness. (Also is the most wonderful, amazing feeling incredibly good that we have.) Falling in love feels like love, is like love, and is a common mistake for love – not love but infatuation. We know that there can be love because always vanishes and does not return – with the same person. While love will continue after infatuation disappears. Infatuation feels so good that some people even infatuators serial jumping from couple to couple, always looking for high falling in love brings. Infatuation can be addictive. Infatuation makes even small things seem “Magical” My definition of being in love includes its role as an intensifier of feelings. Infatuation makes things powerful, magical. Infatuation “magnified” the intensity of feeling that comes from shared experiences with your partner. Real love is the sum of positive bonds to build on shared positive experiences with your partner. The size of the good feeling is intensified, or “Magnificent” the madness of infatuation. Passion that blinds human-ness partner My definition of being in love includes the madness that occurs: the infatuation is a form of madness, as they lose contact with reality. Over time, will realize that your partner is not the most perfect, person beautiful or handsome and loving worldwide. You will find that your partner is actually a person with the normal number of faults and idiosyncrasies.

While you’re in love, however, is “Blind” to the failings of her partner, weaknesses and defects. Apparently his perfect partner is in many ways. Infatuation makes you “stupid” and “deaf”, also Infatuation makes you ‘dumb’ as they lose contact with things that are really important to you in your life, as their education, their parents and family, friends, career, goals, values, and more. Life becomes temporarily all of your partner and it seems that those other things to decline in importance. Infatuation makes you ‘deaf’ to the views and comments from family and friends who care a lot about you. Infatuation always disappears. While it seems painful at the same time is a good What madness fades away and becomes reality. No one can go through life with the intensity of focus infatuation brings. During the crush, you could talk all night. You can survive almost without sleep. You can ignore their responsibilities. You may not pay attention to their health. Not everyone is in love with your partner. You can still have a wonderful life, the relationship of bondage with your partner without having to have been in love. But if you do not know or realize what the infatuation is, can make some very large errors. Jeanette

Jeanette was happily married, have children, but never felt the the folly of falling in love with her husband. So, when he began feeling in love with a coworker, thought had finally found his true love, and she must have lost the true love in your marriage. Jeanette poor simply do not understand what he was in love. She did not that what she had with her husband was the true love, and what had with your co-worker was just infatuation that would soon disappear.


Alicia did not realize that infatuation fades, and when he did a few months before her wedding, she thought she had fallen in love with her promised. She backed down and canceled their participation. She had just begun see it as a real person, not the person who had evoked unreal the influence of infatuation. Infatuation and You Can you be lucky enough to experience falling in love with your partner. You can appreciate the intense memories of a common bond experiences that have fallen in love at the same time. With wisdom to accept the return of reality and accept that their love partner is simply a person with all the strengths and weaknesses of a normal relationship humans. While bonded with your partner, you can not experience the madness of falling in love again – with another person. And if you do, you may be away, run with the wind, and know that falling in love with another person is insane gone astray. Romantic love

Agnes is strongly attracted to Harold. Harold is in love with Agnes. They are dancing cheek to cheek with a romantic love song. Lights submitted, the dinner was delicious. He brought her flowers. What are you feeling? They feel romantic love. The romantic aspects experience of serving more obsessed Harold turbo-charging. The romantic ways to serve even more appealing to Harold Agnes. In other words, love serves to increase any feelings that each has to the other. Romance creates strong positive memories of a shared responsibility experience.

Remember, love is the memory of shared positive experiences, along with all the feelings that bind to these experiences. You could say that the romance helps produce strong bonds of love. Stop avoiding the question. Romantic love is real love? No. We have already described the true love as the collection of memories and set of happy feelings of love shared experiences. Romance serves to make stronger memories and add to the package of love with the couple begin their marriage, but it is not true love we are seeking. Sad to say, but most couples romance fade after honeymoon. He does not like dancing. Is rarely flowers. He do not call just to hear his voice. Only when it is called something to say. If romantic love disappears after the honeymoon, it means the real love is gone? No, of course not. Even the happiest marriages more loving couples times the romance fade. They still love. They just do not have much romance. If true love lasts, and romantic love fades away, can not be the same thing. Can you still have romantic love after honeymoon? Yes you can. To make his latest marriage, their goal is to continue adding to the set of feelings of love. Romance helps create new positive memories shared experiences and feelings of love that are attached to memories. It is strongly recommended that couples plan to keep a little romance in their marriage. The following full page is full of thoughts about it. Before going there, it is important to understand how you and your partner change after the honeymoon.

Who joined as a couple and decided to marry in a series of reasons:

l In a way, humans are genetically and hormonally forced to find a his companion. It is a basic human need. l may be found each other attractive. Attraction is based on that we as youth. l It is likely that one or both of you experienced infatuation. That is a hormonal madness. l conquest rituals to create romantic experiences. These rituals are built in for us. Then they marry and have a honeymoon (or not). You have all their needs met, the unit is gone. Reality has set in. You’ve responded to all human and genetic hormonal drives and impulses. You have found your partner and you have established. No more hunting excitement. There is nothing more urgent to attract and to be attractive. The infatuation is a thing of the past. We humans are driven by our needs. When we are hungry we eat. When you eat, We have responded to the need and we’re not hungry. We want sex. Then we have it. But are not needed. We have to work, so finding a job. Once We work, we are satisfied. The need to comply, the court, and his partner led us to marry. Now, we have the same needs again. They have been met. Most people turn their attention to other things, things that satisfy some other needs they have. Most people take their relationship and their partner for granted. These people have a probability of 50% of what his last marriage. Some people – hope you’re one of them – are committed to making its happy marriage to last. These people are willing to commit 5 minutes a day to learn the skills and habits that make a previous marriage. Keep the romance alive

You’re fighting an uphill battle. Is normal and natural for romance to fade as years pass marriage. The your good news is that you can do. If you and your partner wants to keep the romance and magic seasoning your marriage, you can do it. Millions before you have done. You can too. Keep romance alive by understanding how it will change. Things to do to keep romance alive change over time as their mature relationship. Before the wedding, the romance is an extension of courtship. Dining room, moonlight, music, romance, flowers for no reason phone calls to hear your voice. All these things and more are part of the courting process, the products of the attraction and perhaps falling in love. Romance after a few years of marriage may be the hand when taking a walk. Or, sitting quietly by as you read, and occasionally reading passages to each other. As long as you understand how the romance matures over time, without expectation of a life of dance candlelight, and love songs. Some people can follow the rhythm of the dance, light candles, and love songs. It It just takes work. If they decide it’s worth, we can help.

Why take the trouble to keep the romance alive?

Romance after marriage is no longer driven by genes and hormones. Therefore, you need to replace the commitment and effort. The easiest way to do this is to make it a habit. Doris and Bill have had a weekly lunch for almost 50 years. It is a deep ingrained habit. Stan and Norma out to dinner, then to a play or opera, or a conference at least once a month. They’ve been doing for many, many years. They are committed to it. They have made a habit. You and your partner can decide to do something you both enjoy. Make a habit of it, and every time you do, know that this is the salt Romance has been added to your marriage.