Get a Girl’s Phone Number Without Looking Like A Dork

The Difference Between Success And Failure Is Just A Number
Getting a girl’s number is the most crucial moment in your interaction. You did the hard work: you conquered your anxiety, went up and talked to her, engaged her for a few minutes… she might even like you by now—but now is the moment where you can really blow it!
The way you get a girl’s number is what truly separates the men from the boys. What a lot of guys don’t realize is that everything else you’ve learned and did so far will amount to nothing if you don’t at least walk out with her number. You can be the best approacher, conversationalist, seducer—but if you can’t close then you’ve lost…
Get Her Number Don’t Get Slapped
Don’t worry—I don’t expect you to know all this intuitively. So I’m going to take you through some simple steps on how to get a girl’s number. So sit back and relax.

Being nervous is what causes most guys to fail this. The constant fidgeting, sweaty palms, incongruent body language—all these tell a woman one thing: he’s not worth it.
I know you’re nervous and you might as well be – this is a big moment for you – but I’ll tell you quite simply: what makes pick up masters always get a girl’s number is that they do it as if it’s the most normal thing in the world – like ordering a coffee.
Would you want to serve coffee to someone that’s dressed like a thug, fidgeting, looking weird and giving the impression that they might have a fit? No. You might do it out of courtesy—just like some girls will give you their number out of courtesy, but you would prefer not to.
You would be happy with giving your number to someone that looks calm, happy, cool, well-dressed and well-adjusted. Think it of it from her perspective for a bit.
Don’t Do It For Yourself Do It For HER…
Since I’m talking about a woman’s perspective there’s something of vital importance I have to mention:
Women expect you to ask for their number.
If you expect them to ask for your number you might as look into immortality, because it’s going to take forever. You are the man. You have to take this step by yourself. Haven’t you ever noticed in a girl ask for it?
Have you ever had an interaction that phased off even though you think it was going alright and that she was into you? There’s a golden moment in the interaction where she expects you to ask for her number. That’s her way of asking. If you miss that moment, you blew it.
You build up to this point so you might as well take the chance. Otherwise all of this is for nothing. How do you expect to get a girl in your bed if you can’t get her phone number?
Fake It Till You Make It
I want to tell you that confidence is the key, but the truth is confidence only comes with experience. You’re pretty good at your job, right? You’re good at it because you do it everyday. You probably stuffed up a few times, but now you can do hard tasks that would make a rookie cry with ease.
It’s the same with getting phone numbers. It’s going to take practice. You will stuff it up. But keep at it and fake confidence till you have real confidence. There’s no harm in that. You need failures to get you better, but you also need successes and only fake confidence is going to take you this far. Focus on the fact that she likes you! Otherwise she wouldn’t be talking to you long enough to give you the chance to get her number.
There are tons of fool-proof tactics to get a girl’s number. Remember to have confidence and inner game to increase your chances in getting her number easily.
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