Getting a Girl to Like You Without Spending Money or Plastic Surgery!

Most advice on getting a girl to like you is from other guys who are trying to help their fellow single guys out.
It really depends on what kind of girl you are looking for. Yes, if you want a girl to simply hook up with from a bar, put on some cologne and act sexy, buying her tons of drinks. However, if you’re the type that is looking for a genuine woman to have a relationship with, I think you should read this.
Instead of doing the typical movie and dinner on the first date, try and think outside of the box and do something creative!
Girls for the most part like to talk, so practice your listening skills. Don’t simply nod your head and agree with everything she says, give your honest opinion!
Let Her Know You Are Thoughtful!
Show you care by remembering special days. Most guys I’ve talked to have no idea what day their anniversary is.
“How long have you been dating your girlfriend?” I might ask. And they respond with, “Uh…almost a year?”
That’s not going to cut it guys! Remember the date, and maybe make a nice card and get her flowers when needed. A little can go a long way when it comes to relationships, because as much as those small things don’t seem important, those are the things your girl is really going to remember and tell all her friends.
Don’t Be the Girl In The Relationship!
A major thing that girls can’t stand, is a man who isn’t willing to stick up for her! I’ve seen way too many guys take the back seat when someone is bothering their girlfriend to let the issue just fly by. Now, this doesn’t mean go knocking out every one who messes with her, this means to let her know that no matter what, you will protect her, and you aren’t afraid of a challenge.
Try Not to Leave Her Out!
Let her meet your friends! Don’t think your girlfriend doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of your friends no matter how dorky they might be. Invite her to outings, and let her feel like part of the group.
Less is More!
Don’t try too hard. This is one mistake I have seen on a daily basis. For example, a guy likes a girl, so he calls her constantly, goes over board with making plans, and always tries to look like a movie star. This is ok on some occasions, but getting a girl to like you requires showing her how comfortable you are with her. Maybe for a date invite her over for a movie night, and get in your sweats and make popcorn.
This shows her you can be sweet without trying too hard. In some rare occasions, however, you may encounter a very high maintenance “princess,” and always have to be on your best game. That is your judgment, and good luck! But don’t worry, that’s rare and very unfortunate. If a girl doesn’t like simple dates and you just showing you care, she might not be the girl for you.
Hopefully, this helps. Good luck to all of you. But remember, commitment and showing you care is key!