Forget How If You Like A Man

When you have any boyfriend or fiancé you feel excitement in doing sex but sometimes it happens that you just need a sex buddy and no other emotions are involved. Most of the time it happens after a relation break up when your emotions are disturbed and you just need sex to make yourself happy. At this time your opposite sex friend can be your best sex buddy but how to do this ? here I will tell both girls and boys to get your friend agreed on being Sex buddy.

Boys you need to tell your friend about broken relationship in one evening. In the morning start doing some sexting with your friend. Remember your goal is just to make sex and not to make any other feelings. You have to make effort to arouse her. For this dress up like a star and use sexy spray so that she sees a sexy man in you.

Some girls like dirty talk if your best friend is so you must be grateful and whisper some sexy things in her ear as hay baby I love your spread legs or something else. Your eyes can tell her what is going in your mind. There are no limits of dirty talks just know about your girl likings.

Arrange some romantic dinner and erect your dick and sit as she can watch that erection.

Touch her thighs with romance but remember not to touch vagina until she asks for this.

After this take her to a lonely place…. You are moving towards sex.

It is better to take her to your apartment for coffee made by you. Make a coffee for her and while she is sitting lick her back she will love it.

Ask her to sit in your lap to drink coffee if she sits it means she is also ready for sex.

After finishing coffee touch her sexually active areas as boobs, neck thighs and hips.

After that, play some Erotic Movie and leave her to attend a fake phone call, it is greatly expected that after watching this erotic movie she will be waiting for you with open legs and wet vagina.

Now it is the best time to be horny and get on her. Remember, you both need a sexy night so don’t miss this chance and start doing sex with full vigour.

Undress her and lick her boobs like a mad man. She will need more and now she will lead your hand to her favorite touching points of her body. When you both get orgasm ask her about penetration. After getting released don’t leave her at once. Tell her that you felt great having sex with her.

You don’t need to be romantic in the morning as your main goal was to have just sex with your friend to avoid the stress of your broken relationship.