Here are Some Tips on How to Know if a Girl Likes You

Guys will definitely not waste any more time when they see that a girl likes them.  When a girl gives out signals that she is interested in you, don’t waste another minute and approach her. It does not matter if you are shy because you know that your chances of rejection are very slim.
But how do you tell if she does like you? What are the signs?
Here are some useful tips that will show you how to know if a girl likes you:
She laughs at your jokes and stories even when they are not really funny
When at a bar or any other place where there are drinks involved, she asks you to try out and actually sip her drink
Tries to dig information about whether or not you have a girlfriend
She tries to play some games and say things like “you’re a player” or indicate that you are one
She holds your hands or fingers a little longer when you do a high five
She holds your stare longer and looks away first
She preens when you’re looking at her
She plays around with her glass using her finger
She constantly wets her lips or put something in it, like the straw of her drink
She flips her hair
She crosses and uncrosses her legs or dangles her shoe on her toes
These are few of the many signs that a girl is into you. The minute you spot this, do something! Flirt back so you can be sure that she really is sending out signals that she likes you too.
It is important to double check because some girls may be sending out similar signals and they really don’t mean anything by it. You could get in trouble if you do not make sure.