How Nice Guys Can Get The Girl Of Their Dreams

You’ve been in love… You have been very friendly with the women you know… You have been a comforting shoulder when he had to talk… You were his friend, he told all his secrets… You’ve been a fool as she mistook him for a friend instead of a boy who wants to date her. You have been a “boyfriend” instead o f”boyfriend “and she just does not get in you… that he has feelings for her. True feelings. A man of feeling. John is a good guy. Everyone says it, and that’s how he thinks of himself well. He has a bunch of girl friends (2 words), but none of them has become friends (1 word). He crushed a number of them, but does not tend to want to make a move. The only time I told a friend I wanted something more, she became a raving lunatic and friendship ended.

He has no luck, when going to a bar or a singles event. Feel back with the kids and allows you to night. When he sees a girl might be interested, he will meet him. But things do not seem to your way. It involves taking the child, but mostly talks about himself, his work and hobbies. When it does the courage to ask a girl to Moreover, she always refuses. Meanwhile, he is the man to mourn all the friends of his girlfriend. Go out with shaking and then wonder why their relationships do not. John has developed a comprehensive overview of these guys in his head that he calls “The Jerk”. The girls moan that they want to find a nice guy who has a long relationship with, but can not seem to find one. We hear again and again that “the good are either married or gay.” John is not married or gay and wondered why these women do not see him. He is simply not on their radar datable guys.

Why is it that pulls sex while Nice Guys Finish Last? What can change about how John approaches the woman, befriends them, the events around them and become datable? Read on, my friend, read on…


Not all girls say that she wishes she had a boyfriend like you and then proceed to the date of the guys that are the exact opposite to you? Sure seems that way, right?

If you are a “good boy” who should be asking the old question,

“Why do the Yanks get to the women and I’m stuck in peace?”

It’s easy to come to believe that men are unequal kind of magical power that allows women to connect, even while treating them like garbage. This so often that many children come to believe that the way to a woman’s heart is to put it under his shoe. Nice guys sometimes come to believe you have to do a jerk to a woman. Of course, this is not true and often turns against the nice guy as he tries to mimic the behavior of the pull is. There are many different names for idiots. Some call them “bad guys” and others call them “boys charm.” aLoveLinksPlus, the online dating site advice even charge a penny for courses on how to become a “Player”. Everyone seems to love a hitch.

But the truth is that nobody likes a jerk. This is true even for women date shakes only. If this is true (and is), then why do so many girls go for jerks? The first thing to remember is that flips through a plethora of women very quickly. They do not tend to form lasting relationships. Therefore, while it may end up with a woman at the end of a night at the bar, which not result in stable relationships. Pulls the girl – but only in the short term. Jerk with a general philosophy – Love ’em and Leave’ em. While you may be thinking that you would not mind getting laid as often as the pull, you have to admit to yourself that what you really looking for is more long term. That, by definition, is why they are a good guy. But to get the girl in the long-term relationship, you must capture his attention initially. Therefore, it is possible that the model of the types of behaviors that attract women to the Jerk. This does not mean that must be an idiot. On the contrary, it is necessary to understand what makes a jerk magnetic to women.

Girls may have an initial attraction to pull. However, it will endure them for long. Those who are content to have such long pulls term low self-esteem, which is not possible for a good guy like you to have a relationship with them. They may have developed an attachment to the jerky behavior, and there is nothing we can do about it. After considering all these factors, it is possible that the development of some of the Jerk features if you want to pick up a girl every once in time. These things will not be a jerk, but make it a more pick up artist and effective seducer. These are also the good things people can do and still live with them in the morning.

Bobs are egocentric You need to know that the greatest thing that a tug has in its favor is that he does not care about others. His focus is entirely on his own pleasure, thoughts and feelings. When see something (or someone) she wants, goes after her. A strain is completely self-centered. He makes his own rules. Do not let anyone – especially women – walking on it. That, on the other hand, seeing a beautiful girl and intimidated to act. Do you think is beyond your reach – you are trying to see things from their perspective. A strain is not concerned with their perspective. He only sees a hot girl goes after her. If this fails, he goes after the girl next door and do not take it personally. Because it is not emotionally in the reaction of the girl (who only cares for himself, remember), is capable of approach to a wide range of attractive women. You may also be aware of what others think of you. If a girl rejects you, you worry that other kids might think badly of you. A Jerk does not care about others, he recalls. He only cares about itself. Therefore, it is unable to lose face in front of friends or their peers.

When you go to pick up women, you should focus on its objectives of peace. Set aside your “fear of women” or the other guys at the bar to judge that. This gives a lot of power. This focus on meeting their own needs and desires is key to success with women. Jerks do not hesitate to approach women Want to know what is the most important thing you can do to a beautiful woman? Go up to her and talk to her. It’s so simple. Wayne Gretzky said, “you miss 100 percent of the shots you do not have.” The good guys do not approach many women that interests them are too timid or too intimidated by beautiful women they see. Instead, who stay behind and look to her as a mannequin. Would like to have the balls actually go up and meet her. Shocks, by contrast, do not hesitate to approach the girl. Remember, they are not worried about whether they like it. They do not care about their reaction, which only care about their desires. Instead to worry about rejection, think what fun it will be do with it.

If a girl rejects a hitch, it is assumed that there is something wrong with her. One Jerk I knew women were asked if they were lesbians, if you do not want to sleep with him. In his own mind, there must be something “wrong” with the woman if she did not want. The tug did not think it’s too ugly or not charming enough. It is your not him. Because the strain is easily able to approach a girl and begins talking to her this puts you at an advantage over the good guys. The pull is the interaction, therefore He has the ability to score. The Nice Guy is sitting on the bench and is not in a position to put the ball in the yard. You, the good guy, you must leave your comfort zone when approach a woman. I invite you to enjoy a drink at another bar or go for coffee somewhere. Ask if she wants to go for a ride. Be spontaneous. Make up a immediate commitment to do something with you now.

It can be mysterious and unpredictable, without violating their own values. A nice guy who does not have to wait to call the next day. Take command of the situation. He likes you! Suppose you want to view and proceed from that premise. If you’re waiting for her to contact, you might just give you the idea you are not interested… that’s not true, right? Of course not. Make the call! Many times a good guy, a woman waiting to give him any indication that she is interested. While this protects you from being rejected, is a deadly disease error. The women follow the example of men are. While some Feminists claim that this is not true, in the battlefield of love, has to assume it is a fact. It can be scary to get out there, but if Do not you will not succeed. Most girls know that the good guys, because there turn to mourn them when their relationships break down pulls. However, they are unaware of The good guys at the bar, because the good guy is simply not “available” even if is “there”. Have you ever been the shoulder to mourn when a woman says “all boys are Pulls. “You can not even recognize that these feelings are taken the heart. Or you can say something like “the present company.” But the real reason is “all kids” on the pull is because the pull is who comes and talks to her. The tug has taken the risky decision to initiate contact.

Although it is possible that not all kids want to be idiots, is the pull start talks, which makes the sexy talk, the Jerk is the guy who holds his attention, not the nice guy. Now to be fair, the pull is not as risky contact, because that’s all about it. But if you approach a woman sees as risky, you still have to do. If only men that a woman meet in a night are a series of shocks, when you have to choose who to go home with, you will always be one of the idiots. If you love someone, you have to go after her and masturbates knows intrinsically that is not work for a woman to approach a man. The kids have to start contact. You must realize that most women will welcome your business. You be a relief after the series of shocks that have known that night and in other evening out. Women really want to meet good men, it’s just that Idiots are the ones who seem to be available in their experience. Idiots do not self censor Most guys think that there are nice things that are appropriate and things that are not appropriate to say when the meeting to anyone – including women who would like to date – the first time. While there are social boundaries are not crossed (you’re a good guy, after all), it is necessary expand the boundaries of what they consider socially acceptable. Shaking out as fun, interesting and exciting, do not worry for offending anyone. Remember, they only care about their own concerns, not the people around them.

Therefore, talk about the things that come to mind and make jokes that the good guys from censorship. Even addressing sensitive issues conversation without flinching. When Nice Guys talk to a girl they like, they retain. Do not bring sex up, even in a joking manner. Many have difficulty to further demonstrate any interest in the hobby to the girl. This does seem like boring guys good guys in the eyes of many women. On the other hand, the pull is coming, make a color joke, tell a history of democracy, or even make fun of the girl. Do not care if it offends someone. This is a desire is natural for him. This attitude is a breath of fresh air for many women who mistake him as trust. As you spend time around the jerk, come to discover that what initially viewed as actually trust is narcissism. But at that moment, have You missed the possibility of a connection with these women. There is a good chance that never meet again. If you want to see this kind of “pull” of confidence without becoming a Complete Jerk yourself, then you need to loosen when it meets women. Get out your “Women like me can not” frame. You must be yourself and not try to please the woman as you think you might be satisfied. When you stop “trying” to make an impression, to start actually make one. It’s a good thing to worry about what a girl thinks. Do not talk about yourself and your own accomplishments (the pull of method of self-promotion!). It’s good to be on their best behavior. However, that comes after having secured a date with a girl. You have to get your attracted to you before you can move on, and this through confidence that you have something to offer in its own terms. Another point here is that it’s okay to be sexual with women are sexually interested in.

In fact, flirting is an important action for sexual attraction and other behaviors are a very important signal for a woman who cares it. Jokes about sex can go very far to allow a woman to know you are interested in being more than friends with her. The last point I’ll make on this is that when good guys approach a woman, very often have diarrhea of ​​the mouth. They will and the boring stuff. Talk about themselves or their jobs when must be joking, teasing women who are with, and showing a good time. When she gave birth to a girl in tears, she will not be attracted to you. Remember, you are not so worry about what she thinks. It thinking about how to be a powerful magnet for girls. The men who are stiff and formal, or they can not control what comes out of His mouth was a woman. You have to be confident, loose and sexy.

Honest Bobs You may not want to hear anything good Pulls at this point, but the fact is that they are honest. They tell a woman what they want and not try to break its smoothness. A strain is honest about what you want when about a woman. Flirt with her, her desires openly, and then try to to convince him to go home and have sex. The woman approaches a pull immediately know what the pull is later. He has made clear it is up to women to decide whether want to follow suit. If the girl is not interested, the pull, you simply go and find another girl to satisfy their carnal desires. When you find an interested party, holds by the hair and drags her to his cave (just kidding, more or less). Most Nice guys do not understand that this kind of honesty is actually appreciated by women. Nice guys tend to fly under the radar, and being a friend asexual think could one day become something more (long-term romantic sex). Will listen to their issues, hang out with her, tries to help when needed. It acts as one of his “girlfriends”  always available to their sob stories on the pull is coming out. During this time, the good guy is falling deeply in love with her. The problem is that she has no idea that he feels that way. When at last storehouses of value to talk about their deepest, rawest emotions in relation to their… … It is crazy! She actually feels betrayed. The relationship is based on friendship and that she feel suddenly revealed that was built on a pack of lies. It He made you, the Nice Guy, in the category of “friend” and that it is unlikely be able to move to a different position in life. When a man suddenly wants to be “more than friends”, she feels betrayed because the Nice Guy is demanding to look at it another way. In many cases, When this happens, she ends the friendship with the man. She has shared many of their most intimate secrets with the Nice Guy and now wants to date her? Unspeakable! This is the way to many good guys follow, and that rarely end with the girl, but end up feeling damage, perhaps betrayed by the girl, but always only in At the end of everything.

Watching a sunset is not true good guys who get too emotionally connected to women before make a “sex move” on them. If you are really the good guy you think you are, will not hurt a girl in this way. If you feel something for her, she owes it to the left know. Flirt with her. Be honest about the fact that you like and want to leave it. If she rejects you, you are now able to move on and find a girl he likes what you offer. The only time “just friends” with a girl is when she feels no sexual attraction to her, or she is completely out of bounds otherwise. Protect your self Shakes When a good guy is rejected by a girl, she often brings down a spiral of depression. Their self-esteem hit rock bottom. If a bar or a party withdraws to the rest of the night and see that there a number of other attractive women available to approach. Jerk, however, does not suffer from this problem. Because guarantees viciously self-esteem, which does not allow rejection to look down. Remember, narcissistic jerks are trained reference. Completely ignoring rejection. Even going so far as to ridicule the other in an attempt to feel are important. Because it keeps her self-esteem This way, you can follow to achieve its objectives. Do not fall into the funk of depression. Note that a man with high self-esteem is always more attractive to a woman who is depressed loser. Therefore, if a rejection becomes a wall of flowers, is more than likely going to go home alone.

The good guys have to learn that they can not take rejection personally. The fact that a particular girl is not within you, that does not mean that you are not attractive fishing. It simply means that a girl has decided “to time” are not right for you. Keep calm. So, keep looking for a woman she is. Do not stop until I find it. But do not kill any given night looking hard for her or give up too soon. Rejection is hard for the good guys to handle. The narcissistic side, Nice The boys feel rejection to the bottom of his soul. Get on the line and take it personally when a girl does not respond. But must maintain a positive attitude. Instead of thinking that has lost all girl, try to see as having removed a child who had lost their awesome future.

You do not have to ridicule others or to bad mouth to feel good yourself. You do not have to become a single hitch. However, you must protect their self-esteem as much as possible. That’s what keeps you the dating game. Picking up women is a numbers game. Women more than meet, the more likely you will find one that like you. Idiots are successful because they are tough. Playing the numbers, starting at one end of the bar and finishing at other end. We have collected phone numbers and emails all night, but have little “depth” to the women they have known. While a good guy, could meet one or two women in one night, a stretch reach 20. The law of numbers says you have a much higher chance of ending in bed with someone, if there is a large pool to draw from (and more drunken women left the bar at the end of the night. Idiots do not feel they have to “buy” Ladies Remember that a basic premise of being a jerk is that women adore him. If there is something wrong with them. Therefore, it is necessary to spend much money on their dates. Idiots do not feel the need to wine and dine their dates. Similarly, you should not feel like a first date has to be an event to remember. Many good guys stress about creating the perfect date. This is to mask their insecurity. Van at the top by four-star selection restaurants or tickets to ensure a well-known acts. Instead, consider going out in the cheaper types of dates where you can really get to know a woman. Go to the zoo, a museum, or play miniature gold. By taking the pressure, we find that women are much more more responsive to you.

What have you learned?

Now that you know what a jerk with success with women, you can model of the traits that attract women to jerks without becoming a jerk yourself. If you can begin to approach a number of beautiful women in a flirty Thus, while letting them know that you are interested in something more than being friends, you can get the girl. If you can strengthen your ego, so that a Rejection does not prevent him from approaching another woman almost immediately, is a woman who rejects him and is as follows. Remember that you have much to offer women. That’s why you have a lot of friends. However, if you want a girlfriend who has the package yourself in such a way that lets them know they are desirable and available as more than the “girl friend”(two words). Your problem is not his personality or state of Nice Guy. Everything is on the way to approach women initially. If you can master the art “approach,”to be able to see the dates and results and find a much more woman to settle in a long term relationship with that found it.

Nice guys can finish first. However, in order to get the girl, you have to show confidence and easy going nature that has the pull and modify their own personality and character. Three things to consider in the future:

  1. Every woman wants a great person and still be great guy you need to stand and talk to her, are, greet, and plan a date, not the future of their lives together in a fantasy
  2. Women like to laugh, prefer praise shows that her boyfriend shows how it looks.
  3. A man and a woman attracted to other women. So remain available until a serious relationship is about to begin.