JewishFriendFinder – Dating Website Review

Romance, Marriage, Faith, and Friendship –such are the four pillars of JewishFriendFinder. This site dedicates itself to bringing together the Jewish singles community from across the globe, be it for love, friendship, or relationship.

If you are up to expanding your circle or maybe simply just finding the love of your life who comes from the same faith, then Jewish Friend Finder is definitely for you. Their Standard free membership alone already gives you quite a handful of feature options to choose from. It will enable you to browse their worldwide database and profiles, upload or change your profile photo, chat and receive instant messages from paying members, respond to all messages you receive, send mails to paying members, upload a personal video greeting, receive emails viewable for up to thirty days, take advantage of its matchmaking services with up to ten Dove matches per email, keep a personal Hotlist of up to 200 of your most favorite members, take their personality test which is primarily designed to help you find a suitable match, receive technical support via email for two days, and be given access to their interactive magazine which includes dating advices, and literary works for your reading pleasure.

If you apply for Jewish Friend Finder’s Silver membership, you get to enjoy all of the above-mentioned features, plus a whole lot more. Here you will be able to view up to five other members’ photos, have unlimited viewing of members’ profiles, email any of the members and receive emails viewable for sixty days, add an extra 300 to your Hotlist, be given an extra ten Dove matches, view other members’ video greetings, receive a hastier technical support which comes within twenty-four hours, enjoy faster profile and photo views, and conduct a database search for members by username.

Searches made while enrolled in the community as Silver member is made even more convenient and specific as more categories for screening are made available. This goes for languages, ethnicity, and location, or for other specifics such as showing only members with photos, confirmed IDs and personality types. Jewish Friend Finder does not stop there yet.

If you avail of their Gold membership, you combine all the benefits you get from a Standard and a Silver membership and top it all off with these other advantages – view up to twenty other members’ photos, be the site’s top priority which means faster profile and photo views, receive emails viewable for one hundred and twenty days, add another 500 to you Hotlist, making it up to a thousand, receive a complete list of Dove matches of up to thirty or more, and expect a swiftly technical support which arrives within twelve hours of beckoning. Its database searches here are made even wider with a full array of categories, be it physical biometrics, to relationship and familial status, desires to have children, religious affiliation, synagogue attendance, keeping Kosher, educational level, presence of any vices, and so much more!

What adds to JewishFriendFinder’s appeal is its profile editing tools available to all which allows you to change your profile color to add more of a personal touch, add extra pages to your blog for you to be able to express yourself more freely, and add or create icons for your profile using their Bling Editor feature for that unique touch.

With over forty-five thousand members to choose from or to just mingle with and share the faith, Jewish Friend Finder ensures you a fun and dynamic environment to find the kind of relationship you’ve been looking for.