The Top 5 Things You Should Know About Your Partners Yes I do

Are you going to say, “Yes, I do”? Here’s my advice to you. Do not rush  that. Learn about the 5 things you should know about your partner before  say, “Yes, I did not!” The simple reason is that this means that you spend more  part of his adult life, “until death do us part. ” Therefore, if you take a wrong decision about doing in a hurry, you might just end up being unhappy and miserable all your life!   

As a matter of fact, a recent study by a nongovernmental organization (in  Defense of Marriage – IDEOM), many young people in Africa die before their 45th birthday due to the problems of the wives were married. (See marrying his best friend for more details  in this) Now, you do not want to be part of the statistics, right? Of course not!At our site, you’ll find the best call girls in Astana

The proposal Inevitable “Julie, will you marry me?” That’s the one billion U. S. dollars each question dream girl longing for happily married to the awaiting man someday. And, as expected, she simply bask in the the glory of the moment and look down at the romantic image of the man kneeling in front of her holding a engagement ring on her right hand and look up eyes with anxious anticipation clearly  is reflected in their eyes tight.

Eventually, she smiled at him, accepting her engagement ring and shout at the top of his voice: “Yes Yes Yes dear, yes l will marry you!” The man then rising to his feet and arms of his passion. Only clinging to each other for a couple of minutes before leaving to go look at each other in eyes and embrace once again, as if his whole existence depends on the tibia, passionate embrace.

Different Strokes

Many girls and young women no doubt long for a day and plotted above that would meet their “Prince Charming” fall in love with him and that he finally ask the question one billion dollars that have dreamed all his life. However, as eager as they are to hear the question, women in fact, not many are ready when asked the question and an immediate response is required of them. Very often seem baffled. Some even panic and break the  relationship abruptly for no apparent reason. Others may respond as  follows: “Please, Jeff not going to run this relationship, the relationship is only a couple of months old and is talking about marriage. For the love of Mike! l hardly know you well. Please, let’s give the relationship time to mature. “And the man no doubt  looking deflated and disappointed. Are you a woman who is waiting to marry soon? That means your partner has made a proposal to marry him. If he has, which is great news indeed. Then you should make arrangements for your wedding as you read this.

On the other hand, are still looking for the ideal partner? Or, are just  recovering from a break like me? Moreover, past experience has skeptical now entering a growing relationship? Or, looking back to his ex, but just do not know how? Whatever your marital status is today, the fact is that you can not go through life alone. You must be a necessity in a relationship and married in some point. It is therefore imperative that you arm yourself well with  information about the qualities and personality traits of your ideal candidate.

Therefore, in this context that this chapter discusses the 5 things you  must take into account before returning to his former or saying “Yes, I did not!” a Marriage Proposal.

The Top 5 Things to know about your partner

Personal values ​​and lntegrity. Your source or the State Financial lncome. Your health. Your goals and aspirations. Their relationship and personality traits Atmosphere. Now, let’s look at each of these components in detail.
1) Personal values ​​and lntegrity
What are the values ​​of your partner? He or she is honest in financial transactions? It is your socio word your bond? Can he be trusted and relied upon to maintain his or his word – in a written or unwritten – in the financial field? How he or she see sexual fidelity? Does he or she has other sexual partners any time during their appointments? lt is very important for a man to be honest in your financial transactions. This not only shows that man has a strength of character, but also an indicator of the likelihood of sexual fidelity.
The same principle also applies to the women folk. Remember, openness, sincerity and honesty are the hallmark of a healthy relationship. This also means that your partner must show enthusiasm for the things it reveals about  yourself that you want to know.
2) Their origin or lncome Financial Statements 
What is your financial situation? Is it a financial manager? Is that on their own or in  5. 9 employment? Do you earn enough money to support today and  when he finally marries him? Or do you always financially broke? Will willing to let you do part time or full time job to support the family income? What is your current source of income? Is that a good money manager? What personal and professional skills you have? Will make a good manager  home?
3) Health
What about your physical health? Does he or she has a generational health problems or serious health problems that can be emotionally draining and disconcerting during the marriage? What is your blood group, genotype and status of HlV? Are there any other health problem concerns you should know about? Trying to find as much information as possible about the health of your partner long before entering marriage. It is better to err on the side of caution to go to prepared marriage just to experience a blow just a few months later. Only imagine the pain, misery and sadness that would occur for many years to come!
4) Еheir goals and aspirations, hobbies and lnterests. What are the goals and aspirations of your partner? Do you share the same goals and aspirations with your partner? Do you share things in common? Do you have common interests in entertainment and other leisure activities? What common interests do you have? Certainly, it is easier to participate in activities together as a couple that are of mutual of interest to both the kind of work that the lack of interest individually.
5) Relationship atmosphere and personality traits.
What is the atmosphere of the relationship? It is the emotion and the general attitude, positive or  negative, that a person carry with him or her from one day to another. This attitude can be very overwhelming and confusing at times, especially when such environment has become emotionally draining and exhausting to result in an unhappy relationship.

Now suppose that one party in a relationship has a positive atmosphere or attitude, while the couple has a negative atmosphere. At first, the couple can along well – at least for the spectators and those outside the relationship. But, over a reasonable time, we soon find that the positive factors in the relationship gradually eroded, if not careful, can lead to collapse relationship – as a giant whose base structure has become unstable and  it can support. And that is precisely why, if a couple in a constant relationship is unhappy, you can deleted in the other negative – no matter how cheerful and pleasant as a available to the person can be. Consequently, what is the emotional atmosphere-is-your spouse take over with him or her from one day to another? Is he or she friendly or cheerful? Does he or she has a nice layout and easy  to get along with? Otherwise, you are best of friends? Are you a friend’s friends, almost like a  inseparable Siamese twins? Is it easy to trust others as close friends and confidants to do? As a woman, it is not easy to give advice to their control and with full knowledge who becomes the head of the house when the time she married him? Does he / she respect your point of view and encourage you to express or he /  tell her to keep quiet when he or she is talking about? What about your personality traits? These repulsive personality traits a person can possess is that he or she is a liar impulsive, a heavy smoker, a  alcoholic and compulsive gambler who is in debt with almost all the loan sharks he or she lives.

Another aspect of this unhealthy personality traits is the lack of personal hygiene. Therefore, the person who is on underwear without changing their day, going to bed every day without taking his bath and even promiscuous. Thus, what would your answer to these questions related? Questions pertinent to reflect on. The degree of maturity is the person you want to build a relationship with or get  married? And that counts maturity is not about age. But of the whole person attitude and opinion issues related to love, marriage  and family life.

As a woman, does an annoying character would be reluctant to seen with him in public? It is therefore the type of person you would be proud of introduce others as their  husband? Of course, what makes. It need not be rich, handsome and influential in society to be your “Mr. Right”. Does he or she smokes or uses hard drugs and trying to hide? This question I could tell that the person has an addiction. Therefore, be perceptive and observant  time with him or her.

Does he or she drinks and trying to hide? This question could be said that person has a drinking problem. Therefore, be perceptive and observant, when with him or her. Is he or she always short of money? This could happen, and by paying close care you could find out if the person is a good money manager or no.

I honestly think carefully paying special attention to the 5 things you should know about your partner before saying “Yes l No!” As specified above, which dates couples can save themselves and their marriage a burden of sorrow and pain many years after the wedding day! Therefore, do not go into marriage without preparation! Be knowledgeable about your partner before entering into marriage!