To Say And Not Say About Dating Sites: The “Chat Attitude”

The chat attitude, what is it? Everything you need to say (and not say) to seduce him online through our written exchanges and make him want to move from the virtual to the real, to meet … Here are some tips from women attending or have popular dating sites.

Get involved in the exchange

Get involved in the exchange; show him that he is the “one that interests you.” Show him that you are attracted to him, for example by tilting your status to “busy”. There should be sensitive.

Do not try to make standard

Do not try to make the standard, keep your style and personality: whether literary or not, for or against the informal fan or not “lol” and emoticons matter, the key is to be yourself and mark your uniqueness. Do pay attention to spelling and don’ts of humor or puns that may in writing without intonation to misinterpretation.

Be short

Be short; do not be carried away by your keyboard. Send a sentence after the other, wait for the response of the other. Do not write too long texts at the risk of boring your partner and let him build several exchanges…

Show you curious

Show you curious, interested in him by asking about what he is, what he likes. Try to find at least three passions center of common interest, and know to take the opportunity (if it is the case of course) to say “me too” which is to send a sign near your personalities…

Open the conversation

Open the conversation with questions that begin with who, what, why, where, when, how … and invite to the exchange. Closed phrases (“Are you …” “Have you …”) inciting answer yes or no cut short the conversation.

Reveal yourself slowly

Talk about yourself, stories you gradually, without waiting to be invited to it. This will better know who you are and so know you better and without having to make some heroic assumptions. Do not discover at once, apply the principle of scarcity. A little mystery never harms to a relationship. Know you want: if you want to meet him, let him propose an appointment, let him come while sending signals like what you are not indifferent.

Know stay tuned

Remember to stay tuned on the other, do not talk to you! Encourage your partner to tell, ask him questions, wait for their answers and keep into account the result of the exchange. Learn to bounce the signals it sends you on him, his life, his state of mind … so many topics to fuel the conversation.

Do not immediately go about sensitive subjects

Not addressing the outset sensitive subjects: your love life past, how you broke, your family and your children, your faults (we all have, it will have time to discover the good), your complex (idem) your desire to create a couple at all costs, to have children soon … if you can suggest, do not insist at the risk of scaring. Be careful not to drift immediately towards connoted sex trade if you get to capture his interest soon, not sure this is a good point for the future.

Not addicted

Not addicted dating sites: Know your keyboard pick some evenings. If internet is a good way to meet people, you can cut an excess of reality and lead you into a world fueled by your own fantasies. Take breaks.