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The process of discoveries A six-step process that will take you from ONLY A COUPLE Coaching Testimonials

  • I could never find what I wanted in a relationship. I felt powerless to leave a relationship that I knew that inside was never going to work. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I’m in love with the perfect man for me and we are both very happy. I know this would not have been possible without technical support. I learned to find what I wanted and how to make that happen and now I’m happier than ever. SB Master
  • I went from no dates in the past year to three in the last two weeks thanks to his training. There’s nothing like having someone rooting for you and hope to go ahead with their plans. I healed a wounded relationship in the past and ended a relationship that goes nowhere. I would never have done all that without your help and support. Professor CH
  • Rosemary is a woman of great heart that seeks to become the best possible version of itself that it can. She is solid and you can count on her to help the coach to make their dreams come true. She is open minded and feel they can say anything to her. She can help lead through shady side of himself in the light that is your divine birthright. You can show your deepest, darkest parts of yourself and she responds with compassion and suggests ways you can love those parts of himself more deeply. If you are looking for a way out of the boxes is constrained by, Romero is the perfect coach to help you do this. She is a living testimony to the power of Debbie Ford’s work, and also what you can do when it really set goals and stick to them. Jason Rico Myomassologist
  • Rosemary is very friendly. A great entertainer, support and looks best in people. With your support as a coach, I have achieved all my goals. I know I would not have done it without your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Entrepreneur SM
  • Romero was a very committed coach who introduced himself and gave the process very clearly. She supported me throughout the process and kept me accountable to follow through and helped me stay focused and on task. Artist KS

Attract a loving relationship Introduction

Have you ever started a relationship that seemed to be what they had been waiting to be found only in a few weeks or months it was like the others who had in the past? Do you know why this happens and what can be done to prevent this from happening again? Want a loving relationship with your partner. Perhaps you’ve been in a string of failed relationships. Maybe they have not yet had that love affair you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine that you have the best relationship of love that you had-the one for you. This is like no other in every detail designed to suit you and only you. What do you see? How will you feel? Welcome to the process that can change your life! The steps in this process can be used to create anything you want. In this book, which are designed to appeal to an ideal love relationship. In this book you will discover how your beliefs affect your relationships and learn to change your beliefs so you can get different results. Beliefs: What are your beliefs affect your relationships

A premise of this book is that your beliefs shape your reality. Their beliefs, both conscious and unconscious you will attract experiences that confirm what you believe to be true. If you believe that all good men are married, then that is exactly what you see. If the belief is that “nobody ever love me “or I am not attractive to women and then match their experience and confirm the faith for you.

The reason that repeatedly have the same experience in relationships is because of the beliefs you have about relationships. Beliefs shape reality and can be both conscious and unconscious. Sometimes you are very aware of what they believe and act upon the beliefs and the expected results.

Other times they are unaware of their beliefs. These beliefs are below your awareness in your subconscious. In fact, they are so deeply rooted in the unconscious, he has no idea that they still have them. To act according to what you want on a conscious level and your actions produce an effect that is not what you think you want, then you can be sure there is another belief below their conscious belief that is far more powerful.

Debbie Ford, author of the right questions calls the unconscious beliefs underlying commitments. Underlying commitments are their first commitments and have a power far greater than their conscious beliefs. They make you act in a way that creates an effect that coincides with the unconscious belief.

Where do you get your beliefs?

As you grow, you take in everything happening around them and also have their own experiences. What you see, hear and experience becomes the foundation of the beliefs you have. The more often you see, hear or do something, the stronger the belief.

One of the ways that a belief becomes deeply rooted is when you make the important emotions. If your parents divorced when he was young, you can have a strong conviction that love hurts. You may be completely unaware of this belief, but if you find that every time you are in a love relationship a lot of pain, which may indicate an unconscious belief that love hurts.

New research discussed in the Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton Ph. D. Explains that the brain waves of a baby from birth through age 2 are mainly in the lower frequency of delta waves, while waves of the brain of a child age 2 -7 are mostly in the theta. These brain waves are hypnotists people fall so that they are more open to suggestions that are not detected by the conscious mind.

Since children spend mostly their first 7 years in a highly suggestible state, taking in everything that happens in their world right into your subconscious memory, it is not surprising that humans repeat the patterns that have been in their families, although adults make a commitment to live differently. If you want to know what your beliefs about relationships are, just take a look at what their experiences have been and will know it. Cree always what you think!

Most of the time we are unaware of the fundamental beliefs and experiences that just keeps taking a similar nature. Suzanne had an unconscious core belief that she was not good enough. She was not able to identify this belief and did not know that was causing repeated relationship failures. What I knew was that she was having the same or very similar experiences over and over again.

When he started dating a new man, acting in a courteous, friendly and seems to be completely smitten with her. However, it was not long before he begins to tell you to change the way they dress or criticize the way he talked when he was with his friends.

It never occurred to Susan to speak for himself or think that man was wrong. Silently take on that negative comments, he feels unsure of herself and thinking there was something wrong with it. Within a few months, people have to find someone and get out. So the belief that she was not good enough was reinforced each time and continued to believe it.

Remember though that Susan had no idea she had this belief. Because I thought it was not good enough, she still had experiences that showed she was not good enough. In coaching, worked on the discovery that the faith and carry it out, I could see and do something to change it. Suzanne has agreed to devote time each day looking in the mirror and tell yourself, I love and I am perfect exactly as I do. I’m not good enough. I deserve love. Within weeks he met with Randy and have been happily dating for a year. Making this identification of the fundamental beliefs and replacing them is very powerful statements, however there anything else you can do. That core belief can never disappear completely, and what you want to be able to do is recognize it when it fires. If you have an experience where you do not feel good about their ability to do something, such as speaking in French, or you find someone talking down to you, see how you feel. If you feel bad, says to himself, do not believe that I’m not good enough is being activated. I can choose how to respond to that. I acknowledge that I am not good at speaking French, however, that does not mean I’m not good enough in every way. Take a deep breath and move on.

Or if you find that you feel bad and I’m back to feeling good enough, it may take some time in silence and close your eyes and go and get in touch with the part of you that do not feel good enough. Ask this part you have to feel good enough and then do that. You can say you need a long bath, luxury or a good conversation with a close friend. Any message you receive, be sure to act accordingly. That action is an important step in relieving pain felt and the strengthening of a new belief. Exercise to discover the fundamental beliefs

You will need a diary to record their responses and actions. I recommend you get a beautiful new magazine specifically for exercises that are done to attract a loving relationship.

  1. Take a moment where you can relax and calm. Think about your experiences in past relationships. What has worked and what not. Get out your diary and that the titles of what has worked for me in past relationships and what has not worked for me in past relationships on separate pages. Leave several pages of space between them so you have plenty of space to write and add to their lists when they think of new things.

Now write all the answers as you can about each of these items. When you feel complete with this, take a break and a glass of water. You can do the following exercise immediately or at a later time.

  1. Read each of the experiences in their list of what has not worked and see if you can identify what they must have believed that the experience they have taken place. Maybe you find that you have had several relationships with people who have lied or cheated. The belief that you believe that the pattern may be: “I can not trust men (or women).”
  2. Now take those beliefs that have found and write its opposite. “I am worthy.””I’m not good enough.””I can trust men.” You will use these statements to reinforce their new beliefs. 4. Take what has worked for you on the positive experiences they have had and do the same. Everything strengthen to be discovered through their statements. “I have great communication skills. “I’m fine with you. “I’m attentive and friendly. “