Critical Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Her Back

Now that you have a better understanding of his wife and that is what ultimately more important to her in a relationship is likely to have a a better understanding of some of the things I was doing in the relationship that could have been pressuring his girl. Now is the time to recover. Below is a list of the most laymen critical mistakes in trying to get his wife again.

Avoid these at all costs.

1.) Calling too

When a break is common to find in panic mode. You are desperate to recover and you feel like you have do something quickly or be lost forever. So what to do? You call. And when she does not respond, then what do you do? Call you back 15-20 minutes later. Then leave your voice messages to their begging call you back. If you find that you are doing this, then stop immediately. There There will be time for phone calls, but it is absolutely necessary to give them space. Repeatedly call not only bothers you and makes you want to be far beyond you, but also makes you look desperate and needy, which only confirms in her mind to leave it was the right decision.

2.) Text message terrorism-mail

How to call too, sending emails and text messages can also ruin your chances of winning your girlfriend. The term used to describe it is text message terrorism. Are you constantly text messaging his ex trying to reach talk to you? Have you emailed him again and again with the hope that it will respond? Have you ever sounds like, “Please just talk to me.” This does absolutely nothing. Instead, every time your phone rings indicating a new text that you will feel negative and painful emotions, and guess what, she’s associated with emotions. If you want to win her back, you have to calm down, do not worry, and cut off all contact for a while, so it has time to clear your mind and actually forget. Do not miss if you are constantly bombarded with voice messages, text messages and emails.

3.) Trying to drown your sorrows with drugs or alcohol

Another common mistake many men make is to try to drown their pain and depression after a breakup with drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are not good for you, for starters, but are deadly to a relationship when you’re trying to get your ex. Drugs and alcohol will make you do all sorts of things drive your girlfriend further away or, worse, damage it or in jail.

When you’re drunk or high, are more likely to do things like drunk dialing. If you’ve ever done this, you know what I’m talking approaches. Who get drunk and end up calling his girlfriend at 2 am morning. She will be very impressed by this fact. Drugs and alcohol can also make you more likely to do things like sleeping around or doing and saying things that do not mean. All these will push your ex further away, and you’ll regret later. The long-term impact of their actions is far worse than the storm relief you can feel when having a drink or two, so do not.

4.) Trying to contact his girlfriend, friends and family

When your girlfriend will not talk to you after a breakup, you want answers so you can be tempted to go to his friends and family find out if you have been talking about you or if given any reasons for the break. Many men make this mistake, but it is dangerous and usually ends up hurting more people in general. Remember that their separation is between you and your girlfriend. It not involve other people. When you start asking your friends and family looking for answers, not just make yourself look bad, but have the potential to cause friction between her and her girlfriend closest confidants, which makes it resent.

5.) Going to his girlfriend’s house or apartment

Many men make the mistake to the home of his girlfriend or apartment when they can not get a hold of it. By mistake think that if they could only see her in person, then she will want to talk for them and things. Instead what happens is that you are looking like a stalker. You I could not even leave it in place, but could be tempted to drive on your house to see if there are other vehicles on the road. Is necessary to resist this urge if you want it back. You have to prove you’re the best man for her. It needs to be seen in a positive light. Each time you do something which makes it look creepy, tacky, or harassing, as you push your closer to finding someone to spend time with.

6.) Appear at work or places you know that over time

As come to your home or apartment, is equally as ill to appear at work or any public place you know hanging out. Many men try to do this because they think if their catch out in public, she will not be able to get angry, yell, or blow them off. Their breakup is a private matter. It has no place in the workplace or in public for the world to see. If you present yourself in this way, beer to the feelings of hatred, resentment, and a million other negative emotions. Not only that, but if you get upset and start screaming and yelling at her, then ends up looking like an ass not only her, but everyone knows it.

7.) Trying to buy his way back in

This is very common among men, and it works very rarely. The thought process is: “If you buy something expensive that it actually wants, then she will be so happy to forgive me for everything and take me back.” The problem is that women can see through this.

Things like flowers and gifts must be purchased in a relationship when things are good, not when they are bad. Guys get this all WRONG. Many people only buy flowers when they are trying apologize for something. Instead, you should buy flowers when the relationship is good to show your wife you love her, appreciate it, and thinking about it. Save your money and avoid trying to buy his way back to the relationship. It will not work.

8.) Begging and pleading

The main key to beating your wife is bringing back to that. You need to try and pull it toward you instead of trying Push your way back to the relationship. When praying and begging his girlfriend to take him back makes you look weak, desperate and needy. Women are not any of these traits attractive in a man. If you find yourself doing this, you have to stop immediately. Go out, have fun and be with other people. You will much better showing you is an independent able to be happy with or without it. That’s what ultimately turn the tables and get her wanting to return.

9.) Apologizing too

If you know you did something wrong in the relationship caused the break, then you can feel like a good way to get your girlfriend you have is to apologize for again and again. Baby, I’m so so Sorry. I never do it again. I was wrong. You should not have done that. I am sooo sorry. Sound familiar? If you did something wrong, is perfectly acceptable to apologize. In fact, You should apologize. However, be very honest about it and I ONCE. Once you’ve apologized, let it go. The past is the past and you can not do anything about it. Instead focus your energy on learning of the error so you do not do it again. You should not apologize to his girlfriend and several it only make you look like you’re begging and pleading we have discussed above.

10.) Seeking revenge

The pain and the emotion associated with a break often makes men act irrationally. It can be very hurt or angry with his girlfriend things that happened in the relationship, but we must take control of these emotions so as not to seek revenge for his girlfriend. Revenge can be as much. For example, you may tempted to say bad things about your girlfriend or other boy your girlfriend is interested in. You may feel like destroying things it, if we live together and some of his stuff is still in place. You may be tempted to go to sleep with other women or other display women before her in an attempt to make him jealous. All these actions are not only immature, but they are counterproductive. If you want to get your ex, do you really want she’ll look like a jealous, controlling man, psycho who can not control their emotions and speak ill of people and puts up try to feel better? I do not think so.

11.) Do not believe you can get her back

Getting your girlfriend back starts with having the right mindset. If I do not think you can, then you will not. It’s as simple as that. Its actions and words follow their beliefs. If you feel you can not win back, then shot, you feel depressed, you desperate and needy, and you’ll do all the bad things. On the other hand, if you clear your mind, with confidence, accept the break, and take the attitude that you will be fine with or without it, then you’re going to do everything right to bring back that. Just ask yourself, “My girlfriend prefers to be with someone who is depressed, angry, needy, and insecure or she be with someone who is fun, safe and independent? “Law accordingly.

If you do not know how to attract your girlfriend, think again at the beginning of the relationship and act the way they did then. It is obvious that they were able to attract to you in the beginning, when I had nothing to lose, and that’s the same attitude and personality must be taken now if you want to attract her back.

12.) Being too available

This scenario usually plays something like this:

You are doing everything right. You are giving the space. You are not trying to communicate with her all the time. They are doing their own things and other happy without her. She sees this and starts to miss, and therefore it is called. You’re so excited they immediately pick up the phone and she says she wants to come or she asks to come more. Agreement immediately and rush to go to be with her. Then what usually happens. The next day, or so I thought a bit and says that only I wanted to hang out as friends and not want to say anything. You devastated once again. Instead, what you should do is say something like, “I know. It great to hear from you, but I really think we need a space to the right now. Maybe I’ll call in a couple of weeks and maybe we can together.” That’s much more powerful and have your way of thinking about you for two weeks. It sends all the right messages.


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