The Perfect Imperfection of our Relationships

In the course of my practice, I have been increasingly recognized by people with  relationship problems – spouses, lovers, parents, children, even  of life and left the – the people whose lives are affected by various  matters relating to their loved ones, wanted or with respect to the search for love. Some, perhaps most, of the disorder increasingly relationships can be attributed to changes in the Earth – changes disorders associated with driving energy and solar astrology Citizens of the Earth to the Ascension. However, earth changes, ascension, Zero Point, end times, etc., energies only accelerate our spiritual path, not”doing”the lessons we are supposed to – or chose –  face in the school of Earth. Aware of taking the path of Ascension  make our way faster, but the lessons are the same. Some call these  disorders “control dramas. “In this view, when spouses fight, couples broken, angry individuals or withdraw, the facts are seen as methods for a person to gain control over another or steal energy or  control in a relationship.

This view has merit and can be a component. But in my mind, these scenarios could relationship  accurately be called “lack of control” dramas. I prefer to call “Personal dramas,” or simply dramas. A drama or personnel control drama, basically, is a character device (or I) to the person do what he or she should do anyway. Simply put the issue squarely in the center in a relationship where you can not avoid.

It is a waste energy, but sometimes what we want not what you really need. Nor are always strong and brave enough to meet our individual truths. Then the drama takes over. If were perfect masters of our relations, personnel would face  problems without much drama, that has to do with spiritual discipline;   but the drama will do the trick. For example, if two people are too “sticky” loss of individuality in a relationship, there may be fights, resentment, etc. It is basically an imbalance in the relationship, each must weigh promotion of car gift of self to another. What each person believes that he or she needs in a relationship long term may vary  imbalances may occur, or may be short-term imbalances. Everyone is looking balance in our relationships and are happy when we found (despite an”equilibrium”can not”balance”for another). If the domain equilibrium is not reached within a relationship, the lesson will be repeated in  the next and the next until it is learned. But every relationship is a opportunity for self-discovery with the reward of mutual growth – even miracles.

We must find the balance of the whole in ourselves, with others. It’s a conundrum: Each of us seeks fulfillment in our  relations, however, we can have a positive and satisfactory until we each set. There can not be achieved without giving that. We can not give what you do not have. The whole is the fullness and  termination. There can be no yin and yang all all, each one must be complete in itself to find the balance, integrity and completion. However, We are imperfect beings. If we were perfect, we need one. We would be complete for ourselves. But we live in polarity, light and dark, up and down, male and female. The Creator knows perfection, where there is no polarity, but we do not. We fight for it, which progress towards it, but achieving perfection is not the normal lot inhabitants of the Earth school. Would not be here if we had not  lessons to learn. And we have to share with others to learn  lessons. How can we solve this riddle? True love is giving, not limiting.

It seeks to foster freedom and individuality, while sharing, giving the differences in the relationship to create a more investment the whole. The riddle again: You can not hold love in your heart hold – to return enriched, higher than it was before. That is the risk of love, challenge, test, the manufacturer of fear. However, the release must be done to build the love, to grow. Painful  such as losing love, to end a relationship, the pain is real  hold on to too close a relationship so it can not grow. Both people harm the relationship, both are due and for what strength and power of love is its ability to grow, to be without limits, a mana constantly. This is, again, balance. Much of what is written about love and relationships – is reflected in movies, TV, novels, popular songs – does not describe the love, but the unit or,   psychologists call it, the codependency. Can not live without someone as suggested by the songs? If that’s true, you can not live. Nor can love. Hold love is self-sustaining, like life itself. The caged bird can not fly. But love always comes home to sleep, if your house is in the  heart and mind. I would recommend to anyone interested in relations read “Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion” by Gregg Braden (Radio Bookstore Press, Bellevue, Washington, 1997). I think what you say is true about the Essene Mirrors, that our relationships are mirrors of ourselves. Our most intimate relationships reflect the most intimate areas of growth we need.

The areas that will follow are going to get it right. I found this to be true. But remember, too,   relationships change as we do. Our outer world reflects our inner world and our closest partners, when their classes are similar to ours, will change according to the changes we make, if  willing to be partners in the personal, individual work within their growth, too. The relationships tend to last long necessary.

Some are lifelong relationships, and some are not. But as long as trying to hold onto a relationship, without growth, it is certainly doomed. For relationships that do not grow inevitably decline in the narrowing basis of the balance of experience and expectation. That is freedom and responsibility of love, true love, respect, honor, freedom, growth … collaboration. It’s hard, yes. It is difficult to love another, true love, unconditional love, which allows the other person to be him or herself. But is difficult because it requires to recognize, nurture and engage with our individual love, growth and development, too. How can we something to another person who does not give us? If we love ourselves, our true”self”, then we can love others with unlimited passion, for love comes from the source of the heart, not expectations of the mind. It is eternal and depending on the type of love, unconditional love, which is given by the Creator and reflects all  around us. But if love with the restrictions and “I love this, but not  that” it is too often what we do to ourselves, creating and  maintaining our”shadow self”that we reject in ourselves, then our love for the other will be limited and limiting, too. And it will  based on deception: betrayal of ourselves, doomed to failure. All betrayal  ultimately, the betrayal itself. When we refuse to see some aspects  another, or in a situation, the denial of the truth revealed  us. Nobody’s perfect. Our love is not perfect because it is human, God (even though everyone has the divine within us and are co-creators). However, we can try to use the mirrors of our relationships as roadmaps for progress in ourselves.

Where is consciousness, consciousness is and the statement that one is born. Balance in a relationship reflects the balance of attention to ourselves. If we are too selfish, we can find  keep the love, if we are too generous, we can not find love maintenance. An unbalanced relationship can not stand. We can, when the drama arises a step back, evaluate, see if we are really seeing (shamanic practice  discernment) or is reacting to discern if we are learning, growing, or  simply fall back into old patterns. This is the art of sinlessness, is true to ourselves. Remember that we come into this life alone and naked; let’s leave it naked before the Creator in spite of any material things pile up around us, and our atonement a will be ours, then, too. The universe responds to our needs  (Intention) and needs (self-perception).

Unfortunately, these are largely by the society / culture and is often not the inner product exploration and discovery to the outside (which is actually the mirror of  inner exploration). So we got the look – and create our reality – based on assumptions that are not ours and we are left wanting. Us enter into relationship with what we think we want and need. The universe only knows the truth, perfection as an active ingredient, and is not deceived. As we call for the imperfections, we get perfect imperfections.

Since every moment is the mind of God, we receive both what we want and need and what they actually do – which is the road to perfection, or the answer to the riddle posed. Facing false (what we think we want and need), we are given the  opportunity to discern what they really want and need. There is the  the perfection of perfect imperfection. That, basically, is our”I” in this world of polarity. The answer lies in ourselves all the time. We perfect mirrors of what is sought, questions and answers all in one piece, our key relationships to solve the perfect imperfections. The question”I find the perfect mate? “It is, rather, “I find the perfect me?” The answer: It is there all the time.

It has  just to get to be (the demonstration) to recognize it. That required to act and not wait for another that may not materialize, or simply to react. Our personal growth is our own responsibility and can not be imposed on others. Our mirrors reflect this progress to this truth. Look in the mirror and see what your mirror tells  You:

Question: Will I find my soul mate?
Answer: You will find their soul? (All relationships are “soul mates”, the reflections of the different aspects of you).
Question: I can find someone to trust?
Answer: you (right?) rely on their car?
Question: Does anyone ever love  me?
Answer: Did you ever love yourself?
Complaint: I do not want  being alone!
Statement: So do not feel alone!

We choose who, what and  how we will be in each moment. If you want to change your relationships, change yourself. If you want to change, then become different. Moment by moment, day by day. As you change, your relationships will change. You should understand what you want and I do not want to release. It is your responsibility, not the chain same to old habits or patterns of behavior – and therefore no chain relations will no longer serve you. You can not control others, but can be controlled. Does this mean that the commitment means nothing? Of course not. The commitment may be the highest  expression of love between two people. But you owe it to yourself and their relationship to ask: What are you committing? And what is commitment? The compromise means the end for the best possible  exchange and growth of your relationship – for you and your partner – or the present circumstances allow. Commitment However, it is to be chained forever to a unsatisfactory unrewarding relationship or exceeded.

The choice and  the responsibility is ours. As my friend Allison Rae Sedona, Arizona  is concerned, we have that in this time of change we align with our highest first themselves. It may be that our relationships are falling as we do. But we must do for our salvation, our commitment to ourselves  to fulfill our great destiny. “As we lined up, we raise our frequency. As  we raise our frequency, we realize the old relationships with apostasy  others do not share our values, our ideals, our commitment to  spiritual growth. Release and mourning the loss, “he says.” This creates an opening for new members to enter our lives. “Conscious” Relationship involves two people whose first commitment is to the Spirit –  service to the divine power of all creation and the path of consciousness  evolution. With this commitment firmly in place, which are then able to  attract a partner of similar intent. “But if we have a partner who in the same way, we can continue to grow and evolve in love, commitment and service. “The most honest commitment we can do with our human couple, “she says,”is to share the path of Earth as  as long as our growth and serve the divine plan. “Our biggest  challenge in conscious relationship is to open our hearts fully and freely, without fear of the pain of loss. Like everything else, relationships  follow the flow of Creation. Start, grow, end. If we fear of the end from the beginning, we will not receive the  growth. We must open our hearts to feel full and experience everything phases of the relationship in order to advance our soul  way”.

If there is a commitment between two partners to grow  together, they must commit to change: the change itself, the change in Another change in relationships. Yes, there is a risk of loss, of losing the relationship, but there is a risk for the grand prize: a durable solution, relationship, each time becoming more rich and  compliance. Relationships grow through change, but renewed through change.

Commitment is built through change and reaffirmed through change. Remember, love grows by giving releasing it, without limit, without any restrictions. If you and your partner share a love, is afraid to love completely, trust, honesty, equity and commitment – to love that person as you it and therefore, promote individual development and mutual. Ask your partner: What can we do to grow our love? What should we do, individually and collectively, to build our relationship? Each question and share the answer: What do I need? The commitment is expressed through  dialogue, by sharing thoughts and experiences. It is important basic agreements and realize that change over time, as experience accumulates. It is important to maintain an open dialogue and However, uncomfortable, to address and resolve conflicts, changes or development issues. The biggest obstacle to maintaining a relationship is fear, fear of losing a relationship that means a lot that can sabotage the relationship stifling critical communications, therefore  creating more fear and lack of communication. If you can find peace in a mutual adaptation and equality (including and perhaps especially, if  reflective requires sacrifice – balance – of both), their love and commitment to grow. It is an imbalance, often due to lack of honesty communication, relationships disabled. If you can not deal with these issues, then what is being compromised? Are you willing to limit and shortchange yourself and your partner for not asking and answering these questions honestly? If you do not face this, expect more dramas. Remember to do this work, this study of non-ordinary. Indeed, the realm of spirit, the discovery of the unknown, through alternative, complementary medicine, vibration or energy through Reiki, shamanism, or whatever our form, not to escape reality, but to discern with greater clarity, to accelerate our healing, growth and development, and that of others in our sacred circle, and The Earth itself. Each of us is crucial in the sacred circle of life.

Love is share what we have in our heart, mind and soul with another, discover in ourselves, with the novelty and vitality, truly alive. If accept this challenge, risk, trust, come, we will setbacks and obstacles, but we will find freedom, too. And that is the can have eternal joy in ourselves as we step to the next  kingdom. In relationships, we can not find that we are looking for, but we find that we will. That’s the truth. We meet in  every step of the road. For every moment is the reality, every moment is a gift, an eternal present, the past is gone, the future yet. We or accept the reality of our environment, relationships “Son”and the opportunities before us and participate, discover ourselves what the Creator has given us free, or we can always  looking at the horizon of the imagination, focusing on the “missing” or  incomplete at the time, so it is our destiny, and not recognize the miracles that surround us in the moment, every moment – What may at any time become the new realities of being. A  love is the time to love ourselves and what the Creator has given us, however we can judge our small consciousness.

If we open to the Great Mind, the nagual, unnamed and the unnameable every moment, we expand ourselves and our opportunities. Namely where miracles of all kinds, including the miracles of the heart, are born. And, like all things, we have forgiveness, compassion and prayer. In the sacred circle of life, when we see a person through the eyes of the spirit that we are both changes. Our actions are then determined by the spirit, not want, no control, that then act  from a position of abundance, the Source of abundance, heart, the mind of God, and both thought and action have enormous impact on the environment. Can we find perfection? Just perfect No. is perfect and we are not perfect beings. Our diversity is, in fact, our strength. However, we recognize the perfect imperfection of love and relationships in this world of polarity and who can commit to progress in everything we do. A tip: Sometimes it’s hard to let go, but it is  easy to step aside and let the Creator take over.