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You can see so many Christian marriage websites nowadays. It means that people are looking for dating and marriage based on Christian values, which cannot but please. If you are not sure what a Christian marriage is and whether you need it, check the following guide and find out everything about this wonderful union of two loving hearts.

What are the basics of Christian marriage?

Any marriage is based on love, mutual respect, and trust. Christian marriages aren’t exceptions and they are based on the same things. The main problem is to figure out what kind of marriage you are looking for. As you know, there are different types of Christians.

Catholics have their family values, Orthodox Christians use slightly different basics while protestant churches might stick to their values. No matter what direction of Christianity you follow, all of them use the Bible as their main guidebook for dating and marriage.


One of the most important and valuable canons of the Christian marriage is loyalty. Of course, any union of two people should be based on loyalty to each other regardless of their religion. Christian values suppose a man and a woman to unite and become one entity.

Betrayal — cheating is considered to be a deadly sin. Real Christians never betray each other. Moreover, when speaking about cheating, they mean not only physical contact with other people but also spiritual betrayal. When you desire another person or even allow a single thought about it in your mind, you are cheating on your spouse.

Any marriage is based on loyalty. Needless to say, Christian men could never have more than one wife, unlike in some other religions. Moreover, a divorce in truly Christian marriages is also unacceptable. It is believed that if God has united two people, a man cannot divide them. However, in some cases, the church allows to divorce.

In that case, you should talk to a priest and explain the reasons. For example, the betrayal of your spouse, alcoholism, mental illness, a heavy crime of one of the spouses, abuse, drug addiction, etc. can be the reasons for a priest to allow your divorce.


A relationship without mutual respect isn’t possible. Of course, Christianity supports this idea and calls both men and women to respect each other. This is the basis of any relationship, of course. Unfortunately, not all modern Christians follow and stick to traditional rules and values.

However, those who genuinely appreciate their religious values and attend church constantly will always respect and treat their spouses well. A wife is supposed to support and listen to her husband while a husband must treat his woman like a fragile vessel, defending her and loving like Christ loves the church!

The preparation for a wedding

christian advice on marriage

Now as you know that Christian marriage supposes a man and a woman to love each other deeply, respect, be loyal to one another, and treat each other very well, you should know what a wedding is to be like and what both people should do before getting married.

Of course, Christian marriage and preparation for it would depend on the branch of Christianity. Marriages in Catholic and Orthodox churches are slightly different, as well as the ceremonies. Some basics are common and obligatory for all branches though, so let’s see how you should prepare for your Christian marriage.

Before the ceremony, a couple must do a couple of things. First, it is necessary to announce your wedding officially. It should be done in the parishes of both parties. A couple must speak to the bishop about their marriage and get Christian advice on marriage.

The bishop will explain everything and tell what they should do before marriage; how many times and how to pray, etc. Many churches provide Christian marriage help. For example, you can receive advice on how to solve conflicts, respect each other, and how to behave regarding intimacy.

The ceremony in church

Christian marriage starts with a beautiful wedding in church. No matter whether it is the orthodox or Catholic Church, the ceremony is extremely beautiful and sacred. Both men and women get ready for it a long time before.

For example, when it comes to the orthodox Christian wedding, a couple must fast at least a week before the wedding but usually the more the better.

An orthodox Christian wedding is impossible without an official marriage in the register office. Only after that, a couple may marry in church. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the same day. Some couples have a church wedding many years after their casual procedure when they are ready for it spiritually.

More and more modern couples tend to have both weddings on the same day. At first, they register an official marriage, after that, have a ceremony in the church, and then celebrate the event. Such a scheme contradicts Christian canons though.

The church doesn’t appreciate when people have a bright celebration because this is a sacred ceremony that requires calmness and prayers. Therefore, if you are going to have a church Christian wedding, you should do it on a separate day when there won’t be a huge celebration with drinks and shows.

A ceremony in the Christian church is very beautiful. A bride must necessarily be in a dress that doesn’t disclose her body parts. Thus, she should wear something modest and very long. Her head must also be covered.

Is there a Christian arranged marriage?

Of course, those times when men and women married following the will of their parents are long gone, especially in Christianity. Yet, very traditional families often stick to a tradition of recommending their children who to marry. 

No worries, no one is forced in such families. There are Mormons, for example, who prefer picking someone to marry for their children. Their spouses must be of the same beliefs and religion, therefore, it is also a sort of an arranged Christian marriage.

Where to find Christian marriage websites

There are hundreds of dating sites nowadays and yes, you can pick your partner by any of the criteria — profession, country, views, and even religion. There are specific Christian dating services for marriage where you can find only Christians.

There are also many casual dating sites and you will not lose anything when using them because you can select your potential partners by their religion. Christians are the most frequent users on them, so you can surely find what you are looking for.

You should just be sure of what you are looking for because there are a lot of Catholic dating sites, for example, where you can meet only people of that faith. If your goal is a woman of another Christian direction, you can look on the international platforms, etc. You are not limited in your search at all and there are multiple opportunities to find a good Christian partner. There are just a couple of things to consider before becoming a member of such platforms.

Create a thoughtful profile

christian marriage advice

One of the ways to your success on a Christian dating site is creating a good and thorough profile. Since you are using a specific dating site where everyone is looking for the same values, you shouldn’t be focused on your religion too much.

For example, if you use an international service, you can meet lots of Christian girls from other countries, however, women from Ukraine or Russia might not be very religious. When you are talking about your beliefs all the time, this scares them a bit.

They love God just like you do and want to have a good and strong Christian family, but women might not understand why you are mentioning it all the time. Therefore, leave your religious views for more private conversations.

Your profile should only contain a good photo of you. Needless to say, if you are looking for a Christian lady, your photo should be modest enough. Avoid posting half-naked pictures or too provoking selfies. Party-made pictures aren’t welcomed as well.

Describe yourself well, including the most necessary information. Let women know who you are and what you are looking for but once again, don’t be too focused on religion. On Christian dating sites, everyone has the same values and there is no need to mention it all the time and everywhere. Otherwise, they might think you are too obsessed with religion. Not all ladies want to meet such men.

Be serious about your search

If you are a genuine Christian and are looking for someone to date and marry, you should be serious enough. Therefore, it is necessary to respond quite often, don’t disappear for a long time.

Christian girls don’t discuss the topic of intimacy in their letters or online chats, so avoid touching this theme at all. If you are using a casual dating site full of beautiful women, you should find a woman of the same beliefs and values.

It is necessary to make sure your potential bride is really Christian and looking for the same things as you in marriage. Of course, physical attraction is very important but avoid picking your partner only by these criteria. Keep in mind the tips we mentioned, and you will definitely succeed!

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