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Nothing in our life comes for free, and there is a belief that you should sacrifice something to reach a desirable goal. When it comes to the question of romantic bonds, many people are trying hard to find a partner but fail. The reasons? Well, there are many of them. Limited social surroundings, no free time, laziness, prejudice, lack of opportunities, etc. You will be surprised to find out that there exists a solution overcoming all these barriers. We are talking about online dating that has already united millions of people all over the globe.

Dating online — should I dare?

Let’s face the truth: what is the most typical fear while engaging in a relationship? Everyone is afraid of a possible break-up, and that fear of rejection often prevents us from creating a meaningful bond with a beloved person. That’s when cyber dating comes in handy: it’s much easier to get acquainted online by sending a cute intriguing ice-breaker than talking to a girl you like in real life. Secondly, dating online, you have more time to learn your potential crush as well as you need, which also decreases the risk of failure during a personal meeting.

Then, you should also consider the fact that you will never meet so many single girls ready for a relationship in one place. And dating platforms give you such a golden opportunity. Take Myspecialdates, for instance. Here, you can easily get acquainted with myriads of lonely Slavic girls as well as mature women looking for a serious relationship. Don’t think that if they are lonely, they are desperate and of no interest to men – vice versa, since Slavic beauties know their worth very well, they want to meet a decent respectful partner online.  

 How to know that a Slavic lady likes me

Myspecialdates site

To attract the attention of women registered on Myspecialdates, you should follow several simple but useful tips:

  • Complete your dating profile thoroughly. Mention not only the basic details about yourself such as name, age, occupation, but also your hobbies and interests, education, and describe the image of your dream lady in detail. Myspecialdates gives you enough freedom to express yourself and your desires while staying on the platform, so try your best to leave no fields empty.
  • Court your Slavic beauty. Tell her genuine compliments, notice the changes in her mood, and ask how her day was. You can also send her presents – a gift catalog on Myspecialdates is impressive, and the prices aren’t that high. Flowers are a nice option, too, as no woman can reject the pleasure of receiving them.
  • Show that you are literate. Double check your grammar, spelling, and the tone of your chat messages and letter. Don’t bombard your crush with texts and give her enough time to respond to them. Don’t demand instant responses as Slavic girls lead an intense life.
  • Always remain respectful. Actually, this is one of the main reasons why females of Slavic origin are looking for a foreign match: they need a man who will respect their true personality, value their achievements, and support them in any situation. Are you a man like that? Then you can really conquer a Slavic woman’s heart.

Quick and easy start

Now that you know what to do to win and keep your dream lady’s attention, let’s see how you can get in touch with her on Myspecialdates. Of course, you have to register. You don’t have to pay for registration and it takes less than a minute (provided that you are good at creating strong passwords quickly). At this initial step of joining a community of stunning members, the site will ask only your birthdate, email address, and name. By the way, it’s preferable to type in a working email since you will have to confirm it to get free credits.

The payment system

What are the bonus credits we’ve just mentioned? The site uses credits as its currency, which means that you buy them to perform definite actions. We think it’s a fair system that you can try for free whether you like the service and find it suitable to satisfy your needs. There are no membership plans, just the packages of credits. It is you who decides which package to buy, and it’s great since you are the one in charge of your finances and expenses.

Are there any worthy features?

Myspecialdates online

If the site offered no perks, it wouldn’t be so crazy popular with its customers, right? Thus, what are the benefits of getting acquainted on Myspecialdates?

  • Apart from free and quick registration, you will enjoy an awesome novice-friendly interface. It’s very easy to navigate the site since the fonts are distinct, the color palette is pleasant for your eyes, and all the sections are properly organized.
  • Are you a fan of amazing pictures? Myspecialdates provides you with a massive number of free shots – enjoy natural Slavic beauty and choose a woman according to your preferences. It is noteworthy that there are not only professional pictures but regular shots as well. This will give an insight into your favorite lady’s routine life.
  • Another exclusive option that lets you learn more about your potential match is a video show. This can be either a professional or routine video; watch it to understand whether you like a girl and get to know more about her everyday life.
  • To quickly find the best partner, make use of filters, either quick or detailed ones. Quick filters are great to start immediate interactions, while detailed search will help you to get acquainted with a woman for a long-term relationship.

Where is a will, there is a way

Don’t believe those claiming that online dating is good for one-night-stands only. While this may be true for some unreliable sites, Myspecialdates is a dedicated service aimed at long-term connections. More importantly, women registered here are the most devoted and loving females ever, and they are looking exactly for a meaningful union. Of course, they will make interesting interlocutors too since their interests are rather versatile and they are well-rounded personalities.

That’s why, there is no wonder that after some period of online communication, you may notice that you have fallen in love with your special woman. Yet, no need to hurry. Be patient and build trust with her step by step as Slavic girls don’t fall in love with foreigners quickly. First, they need to make sure that you are a supportive and reliable man who will always be by their side. If you think that expensive gifts will make her fall in love with you, you are wrong. Just be yourself, behave like a gentleman, and show genuine interest in her as a personality.

Should you feel that your fascinating Slavic match trusts you, make a contact details request. Most frequently, you will get her email to start texting outside the site. Later on, consider an option of organizing a real meeting with your beloved. Come to her country and confess your feelings in person! Just make sure that your girl really trusts you and is ready for a real meeting, otherwise she will decline your meeting request.  


If you are desperately searching for a soulmate but feel low on options, we beg you not to get desperate. Join the online community of Myspecialdates and become another happy member to share your love story with the whole world. The secret to your success is simple: join, communicate, fall in love, and meet in person!

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