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A lion’s share of people on earth is Muslims and naturally, they are looking for Muslim women for marriage. It’s no wonder because these ladies are perfect wives and can make any man happy. Like marriages of any other religion, Muslim marriages have their pros and cons.

Find out more about Muslim marriages, how to pick a good wife, and the best marriage traditions right now. Decide whether this marriage is right for you or you might need something else in your life.

Is free Muslim marriage possible?

Many people believe that even nowadays, there are only arranged Muslim marriages. Of course, there are such marriages in many Muslim countries still, but in most cases, they are free. Modern Muslims aren’t forced to marry those people they don’t want to and have their right to choose their life partners.

Parents’ will does matter for all men and women of that faith and if their families don’t approve of their choices, then such a marriage will hardly ever happen. Arranged marriages are popular in very traditional countries as well as among Muslim Indians. The rest of them date and get married to the people they want.

Can Muslim men have more than one wife?

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There is a firm belief that Muslim men can marry as many women as they want. Maybe this was true many years ago, but you will hardly meet such a family nowadays in any of the countries on the globe. Modern Muslims prefer being married to one lady only and have traditional families.

You will be surprised to know that even before, men in Muslim families couldn’t marry as many women as they wanted to. They could take a second wife only and there had to be a very serious reason for that. For example, if the first spouse couldn’t have children or was mentally ill, etc. Therefore, getting married to another woman wasn’t a caprice of a man but a necessity to keep his family tree strong and healthy.

Some countries still have the same rules and theoretically, a man can take a second wife for the same reasons. They don’t hurry up though because they simply cannot afford it. Having a wife is quite a luxury and costs a lot. Only really wealthy men can afford to have more than one woman as a wife.

The truth is Muslims take very good care of their wives and fully provide for them and even their families, therefore, taking care of two families is nearly impossible and nowadays, they don’t see any reasons to do that.

Muslim marriage traditions

When speaking about marriage in other religions, for example, Christianity, you can say that a church or religious marriage wouldn’t be possible without getting married officially first. People first get married in the registration offices and only after having a marriage certificate and showing it in church, they can have a church wedding.

In Muslim marriages, everything is different. They don’t have any official marriages and only get married following Sharia law. Only God can unite people and they don’t have any stamps in passports as they do in many other countries. The marriage is still official and is called Nikah.

There is a range of conditions a couple must fulfill if they want to have Nikah. First of all, a husband must be in his legal age. As you can understand, a woman doesn’t have to be in her legal age. Such marriages are quite rare nowadays though, and most people get married like in all other faiths.

The divorce in Muslim families is much easier than in other religions, and a man can simply pronounce three times that he is divorced. Then the divorce is official.

Marriage preparation consists of several steps. Engagement or the stage when the couple officially announces their relationship is the first step. Then, they visit each other’s families and get to know each other better. A couple has an official ceremony and the celebration itself. When they announce their plans officially and become fiancés, a bride can live in the house of the groom.

Needless to say that sexual relationships before marriage are forbidden and highly judged in the Muslim religion. Nothing is surprising because other faiths don’t welcome them as well. People can date and be in a relationship but they aren’t allowed to have any intimacy. This concerns women especially. If a woman isn’t a virgin, she will hardly find a good husband and get married.

Muslim men are allowed to marry women of other religions, for example, Christian or Jewish ladies because their religions share the same values and have common roots. Muslim girls, in turn, can marry only Muslim men.

Where to meet Muslim women for marriage

Muslim girls are perfect for marriage because they are obedient, always follow their husbands, aren’t emancipated or spoiled, andperfectly cope with all the household duties at home. They can cook, clean, serve their husbands and never complain about doing it because it is a pleasure for them. However, if you are not Muslim, you can only dream about such girls while they are allowed to get married to only men of their faith.

Meeting a Muslim woman in life is easy and usually, your family takes care of it. Even if they don’t arrange it and don’t impose their opinion, your parents might recommend some girls from very good families who would be perfect wives. If that’s not your case, you can meet her on Muslim dating sites.

Yes, Muslim girls are very modern and also meet guys online and use various dating services. There are specific Muslim marriage sites where you can meet only girls of the same religion. You can sign up for a casual service also, but you will hardly meet many women of your religion. Therefore, using some specific platforms would be more efficient and save tons of your time.

If you have found a good Muslim marriage site, no matter whether it is a free or paid one, you should learn a couple of rules before starting your search. If you want your experience to be successful, read the information below and try not to neglect those recommendations.

Don’t discuss intimacy with Muslim girls

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Finding a Muslim girl for marriage in your country shouldn’t be difficult because there are plenty of them in all Islamic countries and all of them want to get married eventually. They are not career-oriented or independent feminists who don’t need anyone. Vice versa, marriage is their goal and priority.

If you live in the USA or another country for work, for example, meeting one of those girls might be a problem and then marriage sites may solve the issue. You know most men don’t take such services seriously and join them just for communication and fun. Forget about it if you are looking for a Muslim lady.

Your dirty talks are out of their interest. They are looking for caring and loving husbands who would be more than reliable, so talking about intimacy is good for Tinder but not for free Muslim marriage sites. You know that you should have only serious intentions, so never forget about that if you are going to find a wife.

Show that you are a reliable man

Muslim girls are searching for stable men who would be good husbands and fathers to their children. Financial security is a must when it comes to a Muslim marriage. Any woman gets married only to a man who can be stable, secure, and provide for his family well. You know that Muslim wives are used to never being in need because their spouses ensure everything for them.

If you want to find a good wife on one of the Muslim marriage websites, you should show that you aren’t some student who is traveling from one country to another and looking for a travel partner but that you have serious intentions and can be good support for your woman. Otherwise, Muslim girls won’t pay attention to you.

Be serious about your search

When it comes to Muslim marriage, there is no space for non-seriousness. If you want to find a good spouse, you should show your serious and pure intentions. Even if you are busy communicating, you shouldn’t leave a girl you are in communication with for a long time. It is necessary to let her know that you have issues, business trips, work, etc. for some time and won’t be able to communicate or check your messages for a certain period of time.

If you simply disappear without any explanation, your Muslim girl might suppose you are not serious and too light-minded for marriage and will simply search for someone else. Modern Muslims are not as strict as they were decades ago, but they are still traditional when it comes to family and marriage.

Modern Muslim marriages aren’t too different from those in other religions and are all based on the same values — love, loyalty, and deep respect for each other and old members of their families, in particular. So, just choose a cute Muslim girl and good luck!

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