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The truth about online dating

It seems like only dinosaurs haven’t used online dating yet. Although meeting someone through your friends is still the most popular way, online dating sites take their honored second place. Too many people are busy nowadays to meet someone in a traditional way regardless of their age, social status, or location.

We are busy with our jobs, careers, financial stability, and cannot afford to devote time to real dates and acquaintances. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, the situation becomes even more complicated and this is where online dating comes into play.

An online dating site is a very convenient way of meeting someone valuable without even leaving the comfort of your home. It facilitates the process a lot, and many people don’t even imagine meeting someone differently. Why waste your precious time if you want to do everything quickly no matter where you are at the moment?

That is true, dating online is a great option, however, there are many pitfalls you should be aware of. For many people, online dating turns into a personal drama and causes many problems. If you don’t want to become one of those many individuals, check the guide below and find out all about online dating sites. The information below might save tons of your time, money, and prevent you from heartbreak.

Not all online dating sites are safe

Fortunately, there are so many dating sites online. Unfortunately, not all of them are secure. Therefore, you shouldn’t be in a hurry when subscribing to one of them. You know that the more dating sites there appear, the more scams happen. You should avoid online dating services that cannot protect you from them.

First of all, when using free online dating services, you shouldn’t expect safety or top-quality service. No one cares about your security there and if you face scams, you will hardly receive assistance. Therefore, your safety is only up to you when you use free sites.

Not all paid dating sites can guarantee you security though. You should pick the one that will take care of its customers. In case you have issues or were scammed, the site should provide a refund. You must pick your service very carefully and make sure your experience is hassle-free and safe. Here is how you can do that.

Check the site’s policies

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The first thing you should do is to check the policies of the site on different things — privacy, payments, contact exchange, and other features. Knowing such things in advance is crucial for your successful experience on that dating site. It will prevent you from having many misunderstandings in the future.

What exactly should you check? For example, how protected your personal information is, whether men’s gallery is visible to anyone (in case you don’t want others to find you due to your work, etc.), whether when paying for your subscription, you will be charged each month (reoccurring payments are very popular on such sites), and how you can get personal contact information of a woman.

All these things are important and they differ from one site to another. Some sites take membership fees, others offer monthly or yearly subscriptions while many of them use credit systems, etc. Someone allows you to get the phone number of a girl promptly after spending a certain amount of credits while others charge an additional fee for it. You’d better find this all out before spending your first amount of money on this dating site.

Choose only reliable dating providers

There is no best online dating provider because different people have different needs and expectations. You should pick your dating site based on your requirements. You can pick a free or paid service, matchmaking or mail-order bride dating site, an elite or casual dating service, and so on.

Everyone chooses what he or she feels comfortable and happy with. The only thing to keep in mind is to be sure of the reputation of that dating service. The best online dating sites always take care of their reputation and the satisfaction of their customers. Therefore, you should pick exactly such sites.

How to choose the ones that are reputable and reliable enough? Of course, you can check their reviews. This is the easiest way to verify whether the site has made a good impression on other users and the most important — whether it was helpful and efficient in meeting someone. Don’t get too upset if you see a couple of negative or neutral reviews. Everything is ok while most of them are pretty good. There are always unhappy people, and it is almost impossible to satisfy everyone. If you see mostly negative or neutral reviews though, think well whether you should use the service or not.

Pay attention to the ladies’ gallery

This is also an important factor you should pay much attention to. First of all, the gallery might be discreet and available for members only and you can access it for free after creating your profile. Secondly, some sites offer open galleries and you see the photos and profiles without even registering.

Some online dating sites charge you for viewing the photos of women. You should avoid such services because this would be a shot in the dark. If you cannot see who you are going to talk to and must pay to find it out, this is not very reasonable. Therefore, pick a dating site that doesn’t charge you for viewing someone’s photos.

There is one more thing you need to pay attention to. For example, what kind of profiles they offer. If you see only models of a very young age, think well about whether you can meet your potential partner on that website. There must be profiles of various age groups. It would be good if you could meet women of different appearances and with different photos.

When there are only professional photos and ladies look like models, the result might not be as you expect. Such women usually have no difficulty meeting a man in life, therefore, their motives to be on that dating site might not be very pure.

Take care not only of beautiful photos

Of course, everyone loves with his eyes. We all pay attention to someone’s photos first. It is absolutely normal and it is a peculiarity of human nature. However, behind beautiful pictures, there is always a personality and sooner or later, you will get to know it.

If you love her amazing photos, put in some effort to get to know this woman. You should see who is hiding behind those profile pictures. Therefore, it is better to apply some effort and get to know the person better. Having a video chat would be great in that case because you would be able to see your crush in real life, see her smiling and all her facial expressions, emotions, and even hear her voice. You would be very surprised to know how much a video chat can change your first impression.

Don’t fall in love with letters

Of course, romantic correspondence and beautiful messages are great and it is very easy to get captivated by nice words about love. You should realize that people tend to lie online. They tend to lie in their letters also. Not everyone does it, but it happens, of course.

Thus, you shouldn’t fall in love through letters. Don’t forget about your common sense. Try to communicate and talk on video, on the phone, meet in person first. It will help you get to know a real person and not believe simple words. Only after a personal meeting or two of them, you can speak about certain feelings towards this person.

Don’t show that you are eager to date

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It is good that you have a great wish to find someone to date. However, when using an online dating site to meet a woman from Ukraine, you’d better wait to express your big wish to meet a lady. The truth is, when you are in a hurry to date, you make many mistakes.

You want to date the very first lady you meet and don’t really pay attention to who this person is. When we want something too much, the common sense is off, people don’t think soberly in such situations. The possibility of meeting the wrong person is too high.

Moreover, you will scare all women off. Ladies see when a man is in a hurry, and they are afraid of such guys, actually. They think the same thing — you want to date anyone and it doesn’t really matter who. Therefore, when you sign up for a dating service, let everything happen naturally and don’t push the events.

You will surely meet your potential partner when you don’t even expect it. It will happen only when you don’t pursue a relationship and women. When doing it, everything happens opposite to what you expect.

Avoid sending money to unknown people

Both men and women can become the victims of scammers. As you know, scammers happily subscribe to online dating sites and wait for their victims. If you have never met a woman, avoid sending her any money. You might have a big heart while she might be living in a third-world country but think wisely.

Scammers are very creative and can make feel sorry even the strongest men. If your new crush experiences difficult situations in life, you are not obliged to help her financially. Even if you hear the saddest stories ever, don’t hurry to believe them.

Such girls always have problems. Today she might have an ill granny, tomorrow her phone was wiped because it fell into the water, after tomorrow she doesn’t have money to pay for rent because of losing her job, etc. The stories can be really different and very heartbreaking. They don’t ask for money directly but try to make you sympathize.

Never send money to women you have never met in person because you might never meet them. If your girl wants to come to your country, don’t believe that she has difficulties with getting her foreign passport. If a girl is from Ukraine or Russia, her passport will cost around twenty dollars and can be made within a month.

If she wants to come to your country, you should ask for her passport data and buy her tickets yourself. If you send money to her for purchasing tickets, you might never see her because she will hardly come to your country.

When it comes to online dating, you should always be careful and don’t let your emotions, win over your common sense. Always think wisely about why you choose a particular person and if some red flags concern you, try to listen to your intuition. As a rule, it never lies.

Many people manage to find their spouses online and you can easily join them. Just follow those simple rules described above.

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