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Dream marriage: what is it like?

Everyone has a dream, and many people have dreamt of their marriage since early childhood. Someone wants to experience the happiness of being a bride and wearing a white dress. Other people dream of becoming parents the soonest. You might just desire a happy and loving marriage.

Dream marriages can be different and everything depends on our needs, desires, and requirements. However, some things may spoil any marriage, and you can be sure that any dream marriage shouldn’t include them.

Below, you will find a couple of helpful tips on how to engage in your dream marriage, how to make your dream come true, and what things a true dream marriage should or shouldn’t suppose at all. Keep reading and make sure to make your dream come true the soonest.

What is a dream marriage?

Of course, each person is dreaming of his or her own marriage. There are no standards of happy marriages and everyone chooses whatever he or she is comfortable with. However, some things are a must for any marriage so that no one would be happy without them.

A dream marriage cannot be possible without a range of features and qualities. Apart from them, people may add their own criteria that would complete their dream unions. Pay attention to the list of the following things that are integral parts of any dream marriage. Add your preferable qualities and make your dream come true.


dream about marriage

Is there any marriage that can survive without love? Probably yes, you would say that many people marry without loving each other. Their marriages are based on passion and once it is gone, a couple divorces. This is true, but they don’t know that they don’t love each other at first.

Everyone is getting married thinking that he or she is in love. What about those couples where someone is getting married for money? You might be surprised, but they also have love in those families. Love for money is their reason to get married.

For someone, a dream marriage is the one based on mutual love while for others, based on love for money. However, any dream marriage can be possible without this feeling.


If you have your dream of marriage, you probably cannot imagine it without respecting each other. This is true, no matter what marriage you imagine in your mind and what things are important for you, a strong family isn’t possible without mutual respect.

When both men and women don’t respect each other, their marriage doesn’t live long. Sooner or later, that union will break up. Even arranged marriages have deep respect in a couple,and  love doesn’t make itself wait long.

Financial security

Of course, a perfect dream marriage must be possible in any circumstances, and people must be ready to survive any situation and overcome any challenges. This is an undeniable truth. However, you don’t even imagine how many wonderful loving families break up because of financial insecurity and issues.

If you dream about marriage, you should take care of financial stability first. Without it, none of you will be happy. Financial issues can destroy even the strongest families, so a dream marriage isn’t possible without stability and security in the financial aspect.


When speaking about your marriage dream, you will hardly imagine a happy family if your spouse isn’t loyal to you. Of course, loyalty is one of the most important aspects of any marriage. When you dream of your marriage, you definitely want your partner to be loyal.

However, you should be loyal as well. If you are not committed and devoted to your partner, there will be no happiness in such a marriage. Therefore, both partners should be loyal. Needless to say that you should be fully committed to each other.


Of course, not everyone is dreaming of having children in marriage. Many modern people strive for living for themselves and building successful careers, so children aren’t included in their plans for the future. Thus, it is up to you whether to have children in your dream marriage or not.

Yet, many people really dream of having babies and cannot imagine their perfect family without them. It is not forbidden to dream of marriage and, moreover, it is necessary to do this and reach your goal.

How to engage in your dream marriage

Many girls dream of their perfect marriage proposal and of becoming a bride. Someone wants to have a wonderful and beautiful ceremony in church while you might be dreaming of a romantic wedding somewhere on the island surrounded by the ocean. Everyone has his dream marriage or wedding.

You might be looking for a stable life, a big house, and a garden. Other people are searching for many travels in their life and don’t want to be settled down in one place. No matter what you personally are seeking, you should know how to find it and where to get your dream marriage.

Of course, before marrying someone, you should know where to find this person. If you dream of marriage where traditional family values would be appreciated, a Russian woman could be perfect for that. Find out what a marriage with a woman from Russia is like.

You have the most beautiful wife

When speaking about a dream marriage, any man probably wants to have a stunning wife by his side. This is what is guaranteed when you marry a woman from Russia. Girls in that country know how to look their best and make any man envy you.

Russian girls are very beautiful and always look gorgeous, even when they just go out to buy some water. Perfect makeup, hairstyles, nails, and elegant clothes are attributes of any Russian girl. Thus, a dream marriage can be guaranteed if your goal is to marry someone really stunning.

Your spouse will always support you

This is another advantage of a marriage with a Russian woman. If you dream of being supported by your wife in marriage, you should pick a girl from Russia. They are very loving spouses and true partners.

Regardless of any situation, she will support and love you because these girls are taught this quality from the very childhood. Your wife will always be your best friend and partner. Needless to say, these girls are very loyal to those men who become their husbands, grooms, or boyfriends.

Unlike many western girls who are too independent and aren’t too focused on one man, ladies from Russia don’t cheat on their men and know what commitment is. You will always feel loved, supported, and cared for by your woman. Isn’t that a marriage you dream of?

Traditional family values

dream of marriage proposal

If you want a dream marriage, the one with a Russian wife will be your perfect family because they all have very traditional family values. Perfect wives and mothers are something many men dream about. You will be really happy in such a marriage.

Russian women know what a woman should do to make you happy. They are wonderful cooks, great mothers, they create coziness in your home, clean it, and cook wonderful dishes. Yes, women from Russia are great cooks.

In other words, they know how to treat their men. Moreover, they are great mothers to your kids. They educate their kids well, teach them good manners, and do everything to make them happy and grow good and educated people. A dream marriage with a Russian woman is really possible, and you can easily make this dream come true.

Russian girls want marriages with foreigners

A dream marriage with your Russian woman can stop being a dream and turn into reality very quickly because these girls are looking for foreign husbands and don’t mind moving abroad at all. Therefore, if your goal is to marry a lady from Russia, you should start implementing it right now.

For example, you can take a trip to Russia and find your woman there. It is also possible to try your luck on one of the dating sites. International dating sites offer great opportunities of meeting great, beautiful Russian women who are interested in marrying a foreigner.

There are just some things you should know about using them to avoid misunderstandings.

Pick a good marriage agency

Of course, your dream marriage isn’t possible without a good agency where you can meet your Russian girl. There are too many scam sites and if you pick the wrong one, you will hardly find what you are looking for. Therefore, checking the reputation of the site is crucial.

You can do this by reading users’ reviews or experts’ opinions. There are lots of them over the internet, and if you don’t see any reviews or testimonials, it is better to avoid such a service because you never know whether you will succeed or not.

Of course, it is necessary to create a good profile and post a quality photo of yourself. Just like you, women pay attention to your appearance first. Be frequent in your communication and you will surely find the best woman for your dream marriage.

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