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A dating agency: why and why not

No one would be surprised to hear that more and more people use a professional dating agency to meet their better halves. It’s no wonder because there are so many problems we face nowadays. People lack time due to work and many other duties and problems. Lockdowns make it nearly impossible to meet someone good in reality.

Therefore, dating agencies are a great way out for many. However, everything isn’t as easy as it may seem. You cannot just apply to an agency and get married in a matter of an eye blink. The process is quite long and the success depends on many factors. Right now, you will find out what those factors are and why you should use a dating agency as well as the reasons not to use it.

How can a professional dating agency help?

The answer to that question is simple — an agency will help you find a partner for dating, relationship, and marriage. A dating agency is a way to meet someone without socializing much and going out a lot, especially if you pick an online dating agency.

This way, you don’t have to even leave the comfort of your home. You can become a member and start your search from any of the devices connected to the Internet. There are different types of dating agencies though and before you apply to one of them, you should know the difference.

Free dating agencies

When browsing the internet and looking for some services to help you in dating, you might see lots of ads promising you to find a partner without any fees or investment. Yes, some dating sites might be more or less free but don’t hurry to subscribe.

A dating agency is supposed to provide certain services and as you can understand, no one will do it for free. Therefore, those are simple inefficient dating platforms where you will hardly meet someone suitable or they aren’t free at all.

Paid dating agencies

Naturally, when you pick a professional dating agency, you are ready to pay for the services because free cupids exist only in myths. As a rule, a professional agency will provide top-quality service and cooperate with you fully to find out more about your needs and expectations. It also means receiving good feedback and customer support.

Some providers even help you complete your dating profile so it would look appealing to the opposite sex. Of course, the cost of such services varies from one agency to another one. If you decide to pick a matchmaking agency, then get ready to pay a fortune because these agencies charge very big money for their services.

How to choose a dating agency

ukraine dating agency

Now you should think about what you want to get eventually. For example, what is your goal? Are you looking for an American girl or a woman from other countries? What social group should she belong to? What age gap is acceptable for you?

All these aspects are very important when it comes to the choice of a dating agency because first of all, they have absolutely different fees. Secondly, the principles of their work are also very different. For example, American dating agencies are very expensive.

If your goal is to date a woman from another country, you can pick a Ukrainian or Russian dating agency. They charge less than similar agencies in your country but match you with good Slavic women. However, picking a good Russian dating agency isn’t easy. It is quite a tiresome process, so here are a couple of tips to help you do that efficiently.

Ask your friends for recommendations

The best agency for dating would be the one recommended by your friends. If you know someone who has already used these services to find a partner, it would be perfect to ask for their opinion. If their experience was successful, try the same agency.

If you don’t have any friends who would recommend a good service, don’t worry. You have the Internet and a smartphone or PC, for sure. Open your browser and try to search for some good agencies. Don’t follow the advertisement though. Once you find a suitable service, find some information about it online.

You can browse some reviews of other people and make sure the agency you are going to use is reliable enough. If you cannot find any reviews, try to check their website, there might be reviews and testimonials posted there. A good tool to check the reliability of an agency would be to find some expert’s opinions. Unbiased reviewers often write and post them on the web.

In other words, don’t neglect a chance to verify what kind of service you want to pay for. Put in a bit of effort and devote some time to find out some information about it. Just a couple of minutes of your time might save you tons of money and nerves in the future.

Read rules, terms, and conditions carefully

If you are using an online dating agency, make sure to read their rules first. Each site has its terms and conditions, as well as privacy policies, and other rules. You should put in some time and get acquainted with them first. It would be perfect to do it before you start using the site.

Terms and conditions contain a lot of helpful information concerning your privacy, payments, contact exchange, and many other things that do matter. For example, you can make sure whether the agency has reoccurring payments for their subscription and whether you will be still charged when not using the site.

Such things will also save lots of your time you might waste on dispute when not reading terms and conditions carefully. Do yourself a favor and be attentive before using dating agencies of any kind.

Watch video introductions before starting your communication

When using a dating agency — no matter whether it is an online or land-based service, ask for video introductions of women. Some sites have free introductions while others might show it at a nominal fee, but most Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies provide such services.

Why should you do that? Seeing a person in the photos is one thing. You know how much girls love processing their pictures and using various filters. Most photos are also photoshopped, so you don’t really see a person well in those pictures. The reality might be absolutely different.

When you request a video, you see a real person. Yes, some filters can be still used but in general, the candidate cannot be photoshopped, and usually, you see her in real life. This is a very helpful tool and we wouldn’t recommend neglecting a chance to see a video of a lady regardless of whether it is free or not.

Pick a dating agency with video chat options

The reason is the same as in the previous case. You know that it is possible to write in a letter whatever you want to hear. You don’t see a person’s facial expression, manners, behavior, intonation, etc. People often fall in love with beautiful letters and profile photos. However, a real person might be different from what you imagined while communicating via letters.

We highly recommend using video chat features if your online dating agency offers them. First of all, you never know whether the person you communicate with is real or someone else is hiding behind those photos. You must make sure the woman in the photos is the one you are talking to.

Secondly, you might have a totally different impression of a lady after having a video call. You will hear her voice and see her emotions. You will be able to see whether she is genuinely interested in you or doesn’t seem to be so. You can see all this only when talking to a person face to face and seeing her eyes.

You know that scammers also use dating sites and even the most reputable and elite dating agencies cannot guarantee that they are not on their database. They provide their documents, pass interviews, and without any suspicions, become full-fledged members of such sites. Therefore, a video call will give you a better insight into the person and a better idea of who she is and what her intentions are.

Why a dating agency might not be for you

professional dating agency

Many people believe that once registered on such a service, they are guaranteed to find a life partner. It is far from being true. First of all, even if you are using an online dating agency and don’t have to go anywhere to communicate with other candidates, you still must put in some effort. Your wish isn’t enough.

The truth is you must do something to find your partner just like in real life. Spending some time getting to know people is a must. Your bride will never appear on your doorstep after seeing your profile. Therefore, if you aren’t ready to invest in the dating process, have full-fledged communication, and pay attention to women, such a scene of meeting someone isn’t for you. If you think that you are not like that and are absolutely ready to meet someone and work somehow for it, use the tips below to succeed.

Don’t neglect creating a good profile

After registration, you will need to complete your profile, so it would look appealing to other people. If you leave it empty because you don’t know what to say or who you are looking for, women will hardly be eager to date you. Everything starts with a profile photo. Do you like to look at beautiful and appealing photos of girls? So do they.

Staying incognito and writing to women will not bring you any desired results. If you want someone to pay attention to your profile, post a good photo. A good photo means nothing else but a quality picture where they can easily see your face, eyes, and smile. You should be alone in your photos or maximum, with your pets to show that you love them.

Photos in the company of girls or other people should be avoided. You shouldn’t also hide your eyes behind shades or other things. Needless to say, a photo with your naked core is not welcomed as well. Women are looking for a partner to date and when they don’t see your eyes or open smile, see you surrounded by girls or men at the party, or bragging with your muscles, they don’t take you seriously. Make the right impression by posting a good photo.

Your description also matters. Girls still pay attention not only to how you look but to what you say. Therefore, letting them know who you are and who you expect to meet on the site is crucial. Avoid looking for a much younger woman because you automatically become a womanizer in their eyes and almost none of the women would accept a huge age gap.

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