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American girls for marriage: forever or never

The American dream is something everyone strives for, however, not many people succeed in American marriages. The divorce rate in the United States is extremely high, and there should be a problem in society if people are so unhappy with each other.

Find out all the benefits and drawbacks of American marriage and see whether an American girl would be right for you. Learn whether you can succeed on American dating sites for marriage.

What is marriage like in American culture?

Marriage is marriage in all countries on earth, and the American marriage isn’t much different from the rest. When people date, have serious relationships, common plans for the future, and many similarities, they decide to get married and create families. It happens so in any other country of the world.

The only difference is that American girls and guys have a more open mentality and their attitude to their family life might be a bit different from that of others. For example, not all American girls will be good housewives. Many of them don’t cook and disregard their household duties.

These women consider themselves higher than that and worthy of something more than just cooking, cleaning, and washing. Many Americans ladies prefer hiring a babysitter instead of taking care of their children themselves. It saves a lot of time and gives them more personal space for enjoying their free time.

Girls in Slavic countries, for example, prefer educating their children on their own and don’t entrust this responsible task to others. If a woman has a serious career, she might have a babysitter or entrust her child to her parents while she is working. They also do all household duties, for example, unlike females in America.

Is an American bride good for marriage?

the american marriage

American girls are highly admired by foreign guys and sometimes, hated by local men. Why is there such a difference between the two males’ opinions? The truth is American guys are full of their openness and independence and want to have more traditional girls for marriage while foreign guys have had enough traditional girls and want to date someone more open minded and free.

Yes, American girls are perfect for dating because they are very open about everything. If a woman likes you, she won’t simply wait for you to pay attention to her, she will directly tell you about her feelings and ask you out, unlike girls in many other parts of the world.

Are you afraid to kiss a woman? Then no problem, because an American girl will do it first. If she wants to kiss you, she will do it without hesitation. If she wants more, she will also tell that. An American girl is very direct and knows what she wants. You never have to guess what her needs and desires are, unlike with many other women. All these qualities excite men and are perfect for dating. 

What about marriage though? More and more American men are looking for their wives elsewhere because they think locals are too high-maintenance and love their money. They want to have more traditional wives who would appreciate family values and be more caring, loving, and supportive. There are different American women though, and some of them are great wives while others are not. It may happen in any other part of our world. Even in the most traditional countries, you can meet gold-diggers and high-maintenance ladies who don’t want to have a family but just want to enjoy life.

How to meet an American woman looking for marriage?

If you are an American or a European man, meeting such a girl won’t be a problem at all. American girls love dating European and Australian guys, for example. Unfortunately, they don’t want to date guys from other countries, such as India or Arabic countries. Therefore, if you are a representative of these nations, you may forget about your marriage with American woman no matter how many years you live in the United States and how rich you are.

If you decided to search for American brides for marriage, find out where you can meet her and how efficient each of the ways is. If you attend bars or nightclubs often, you will find many girls but who knows whether they are ready for marriage. Better find some more efficient ways and here is what exactly.

Look in the gyms and similar places

If you pursue an American marriage but don’t have a woman for it yet, you should start socializing and meeting new people. Doing it is very easy in such places as gyms or sports clubs. They are full of single girls leading a healthy lifestyle and searching for serious men.

You can easily meet a serious and marriage-oriented American girl in such places. Other options include different places like parks, museums, exhibitions, concerts, etc. Ladies attend such places to socialize and meet guys, so meeting a good woman won’t be problematic at all.

Speed dating

If you are an American, you won’t have any difficulties with attending a speed dating event in your area. Lots of American girls attend them for dating and marriage. They are looking for good guys in their areas, so don’t miss your chance to find a sweet girl.

Speed dating is a great way to spend your evening or day-off and take your friends with you, multiple girls are waiting for nice guys there. You may not only spend a good evening but also find someone for dating and marriage.

This way of meeting new people is very popular among Americans. You should only be serious about it and make sure to look your best. Speed dating gives you the only chance to impress a woman and you should be serious about how you look and what you say within those 180 seconds. Otherwise, you risk being left with nothing. 

Prepare your questions in advance and make sure to avoid forbidden topics such as politics, racial issues, finances, intimacy, etc. You have just one chance to make a good impression, so don’t waste it. American girls don’t forgive mistakes.

Ask your friends

Meeting someone through your friends remains the most popular way of meeting an American woman looking for marriage. Who else if not your friends know you well and want you to be happy ? You shouldn’t neglect such a chance if your friends offer  to make you acquainted with someone else.

Your friends know your character, all peculiarities, and preferences very well. They want only the best for you and won’t recommend you anything bad. Listen to them and don’t reject their help. Who knows, they might recommend your future wife.

American dating sites for marriage

an american marriage

Now when everyone has too many things to do and we are all limited by lockdowns, online dating comes into play even more than before. Using a dating site for meeting your better half and spouse is a very efficient way nowadays and many people keep using it successfully.

You won’t feel any lack of dating sites nowadays. There are both free and paid ones, the ones for professionals and people of different social statuses, you can even pick the site for a particular religious group. Thus, there exist dating sites for Catholics, Christians, Muslims, atheists, etc.

If you are looking for an American woman for marriage, then your choice must be local dating sites. In case you don’t need an American girl and see your future only with someone from another country, pick international dating sites. The choice is huge and you should pick the best one for you.

How to use dating sites for marriage

You should first set up your goal. If your purpose is marriage, then it is necessary to avoid hookup dating sites because not everyone is looking for a serious relationship at all. When using any more or less reputable dating site (and you should pick only such services), you should do the following:

  • Create a profile;
  • Become a member;
  • Purchase a subscription if any;
  • Communicate with girls online.

Everything seems easy, isn’t it? However, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of each step. For example, when creating your profile, do it thoughtfully and pay attention to its quality. Ladies won’t marry the very first man they meet online. It means you must have a good photo. It should be recent and let everyone see your face and eyes well. Photos with an open and sincere smile usually are the most appealing.

Don’t neglect the description in your profile. The girls must see who you are and who you expect to meet. They don’t like to guess your thoughts, so make sure to mention what kind of age you are looking for, whether you accept a woman with children, divorced or widowed, etc.

As well as you, girls choose with their eyes first, so make sure to give them what they need. You must be a good-looking man with a sincere smile. Show your eyes in the photos if you want girls to be willing to reply to you or even initiate the conversation. Just follow these guidelines, and love will come your way the soonest!

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